Start a Business with your Mega Millions

The Mega Millions lottery is being drawn this evening and there’s a $15 million jackpot prize on offer! You may be wondering what you could achieve once you’ve won a lottery jackpot of such epic proportions – start a business perhaps? It’s a sure fire way to keep your multimillions from dwindling away during your shopping sprees! In this news item we’ll take a quick look into some of the businesses you could establish with your lottery winnings.

What kind of business would you establish after winning the lottery? Tell us in the comments section at the end of this news article and you'll earn lotto points!

A hobby shop

This isn’t just a lucrative idea but also a means for you to connect with the people in your community and build relationships with fellow hobbyists who share your interests. You’ll also have the opportunity to hire people in your area and have access to wholesale pricing (not that you’ll need the discount!). You’ll need to set up your shop with enough reserve to cover expenses for the first seven years, the time it takes a hobby shop to turn a profit according to the National Retail Hobby Stores Association. This is more of a pursuit of happiness than major wealth, but you’ll still take home about a 10% annual profit on the initial investment.

Cash money

A nightclub

Not only will you be able to celebrate your lottery winnings at your newly purchased bar or nightclub, this is also a great way to make a profit on your investment. According to the Entrepreneur, as long as you have enough start-up capital, your nightclub can start turning a profit from six months to a year after establishment.

A real estate investment company

Realty Times stated that the real estate investment business can be one of the most lucrative of all if you start off with financing. With a good team behind you, there’s plenty opportunity for you to buy, fix up and flip houses. Remember to set up a limited liability corporation to protect your personal assets.

Follow the money

A travel agency

Entrepreneur stated that the travel industry generates $1.3 trillion in revenue every year! This is certainly a business worth investing in. Not only will you have the chance to make big profits, you’ll also have access to discounted travel – a clever way to have the chance to see the world without eating too much into your lottery winnings!

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Posted by Samson (7/01/2014)

A shop selling lotto tickets.

Posted by Boris (7/01/2014)

An international children's toys shop.

Posted by -3_JIV (7/01/2014)

I am in the financial business from my experience i will start a consolidating the debt where if you charge a legal interest rate your rest of the life is set for the income more than what the banks offer.

Posted by Debashish D (7/01/2014)

if i play and win, i would start a travel agency, as i have some basic knowledge in this field. fingers crossed.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (7/01/2014)

im a really good mechanic with vast experience in all the cars available here. so i will open up a repair shop with "pimping your ride" also. i already have custom designs and options. it will be more as a hobby, as i enjoy this very much.

Posted by Anne (7/01/2014)

If I play and win my buisiness will be able to help many people to a better life.

Posted by Balasubramaniam (8/01/2014)


Posted by Antonio (8/01/2014)

I would have enough funds to finally finance my research into alternative energy..especially with hydrogen-production from water.

Posted by Rajesh.r (9/01/2014)

God is great

Posted by IWw0Ut- (12/01/2014)

one has to be cautious here. if one is not an entrepeneur then he will lack the skill to "pull off" a business venture. being rich will easily make one bored and complacent with business. like the old phrase goes,"a fool and his money are soon parted!"

Posted by BXkQK (14/01/2014)

Well you cant go wrong with food and drink so a restaurant mabe?

Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

I would like something that has to do with healthy food, beauty snd cool clothes. I can't choose only one

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