The New Year's Eve EuroMillions Lottery Results!

The New Year’s Eve Euromillions draw had citizens from all nine participating countries on the edge of their seats awaiting the results in the hopes that their 2014 would begin with a bang of the lottery-winning persuasion. Unfortunately the old year didn’t bring with it enough luck, and not a single ticket holder won the jackpot. This does mean however that the Euromillions jackpot has increased to €112 million for tonight’s draw – and fresh New Year hopes will be difficult to dash!

The New Year’s Eve Euromillions draw results did wield some second prize winners, with 12 lucky ticket holders taking home a tidy €181,797.40 each for matching five main numbers plus 1 Lucky Star. A further 6 winners were awarded €121,198.20 each for matching just five main numbers! The Euromillions is always worthwhile playing for its generous secondary prizes in lieu of a jackpot prize and its great winning odds for all the fantastic secondary prizes on offer. Six countries wouldn’t have joined in the Euromillions fun had it not been worth it!

How would you spend the jackpot prize on offer this evening for the Euromillions lottery? Tell us in the comments section below and you'll earn lotto points!


And it won’t be long again before some lucky Euromillions ticket holder wins the jackpot! The last time the jackpot was claimed was on November 26th, and though there have been some record-length roll overs the jackpot is more than likely to be claimed by a lucky Euromillions player in the next couple of weeks. So get your tickets today and you might just take home the generous cash prize of €112 million in tonight’s draw!

Good luck in the lottery

The Euromillions lottery draws are every Tuesday and Friday evening, held in Paris. During the draw, five main numbers are chosen, along with two Lucky Star numbers from the same barrel, so be aware when you’re choosing your winning numbers that the Lucky Star numbers and main numbers might coincide. Matching a minimum of three numbers will guarantee a cash prize while matching all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars will guarantee you the Euromillions jackpot!

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Posted by IWw0Ut- (4/01/2014)

what a lot of money to spend! first give my day job.then invite my 5 best friends on a year long world trip.after all the fun, i will get down to serious business of humanitarian work and be actively involved in serving different communities in whatever way possible. aint that sweet?

Posted by Boris (4/01/2014)

I would buy a sea of champagne...

Posted by SB-F8 (4/01/2014)

It's an astronomical amount of money but with my extended family I'll need every penny just to ensure there's something left for me!

Posted by Piotr (4/01/2014)

Happy New Yaer

Posted by Piotr (4/01/2014)

Happy New year

Posted by Balasubramaniam (6/01/2014)


Posted by IWw0Ut- (6/01/2014)

i really think we going to hit 190m mark with the current run of rollovers! and its going to be awesome for somebody or be shared by three persons!i hope im in it!

Posted by Johnny (6/01/2014)

Hope GOOD LUCK is for me now...2014

Posted by Dorota (6/01/2014)

I would buy a new car

Posted by Ashok (6/01/2014)

If the winning amount is to add to my bank a/c 40% of that I would like to spend on children's education of poor parents, to provide shelter to isolated and poor person, tree cultivation, 10% on videography and tours worldwide, and remaining 50% on my dependant's welfare and and housing them perfectly. And lastly towards efforts to maintain all these wishes to rollover as operative as a PHL jackpot forever. Thanking you. Ashok Kumar.

Posted by George (6/01/2014)

Happy new year! I will live the life !

Posted by IWw0Ut- (7/01/2014)

what a lot of money to spend.. WOW!!! great start to the year with the new promotion...increasing our chances of being winners.thank you phl team!have an awesome year!

Posted by Debashish D (7/01/2014)

even I had played, but unfortunately was not lucky this time. never mind will try again later.

Posted by Antonio (8/01/2014)

A generous sum indeed..but here's the thing..isn't it high time that a PHL player actually hits the jackpot?!..I mean, that would be amazing at the very least and give us players hope that we're in gear for 2014...BRING IT ON

Posted by Bachir (13/01/2014)

Whoever said money cant buy happiness , doesnt know where to shop....

Posted by BXkQK (14/01/2014)

Yea, i had high hopes. But i will not give up even if i have to turn the whole world upside down i will win :-D

Posted by Piotr (18/01/2014)

Will only be winning in my dreams

Posted by IWw0Ut- (18/01/2014)

winning is always good! we become carefree and happy because we can do what we like whenever we like. and it will be even more exciting if there is another euromillions superdraw soon...

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