What Would You Do With A Euromillions Jackpot?

As the buzz surrounding the gigantic Euromillions jackpot win starts to die down the focus now begins to turn to the winning Scottish couple, Colin and Chris Weir, and what their plans are with their massive Euromillions lottery win!

The question that most often arises whenever an enormous jackpot is won, like the recent Euromillions €185 million jackpot, is: 'What would I do with all that money if I had won?'

How would you begin to spend €185 million?

There are some obvious suggestions to the above question. But even after following many of the obvious suggestions such as donating to charity, helping out friends and supporting your family you would still be left with more money than you could ever know what to do with in one lifetime.

Once you have upgraded your lifestyle, taken all the trips and bought all the toys with your lottery win, what would you spend your time and immense bank balance doing? How would you invest it? What projects would you get involved in? Would you move abroad or stay in your hometown?

What are the winning couple going to do with €185 million

The reality is that this kind of lotto win will change your life in more ways than it is ever possible to know or to predict. Suggestions for the winning Euromillions couple, Colin and Chris Weir, have been poring in since they went public with their massive lotto win recently. Some suggestions to them include:

- Purchasing a castle in Scotland, equiped with farm lands and pheasant shoot.

- Investing in technological projects and developments in their hometown

- Travelling around the world and staying in all the world's best hotels along the way

- Buying dream vehicles such as sports cars, a helicopter and even a private jet

- Owning their local Falkirk whisky distillery (or how about purchasing 50 bottles of 50-year-old single malt Glenfiddich at £10,000 a bottle?)

However they decide to spend their new-found wealth, Colin and Chris Weir are now the 21st richest citiziens in Scotland thanks to winning the European lotto game! They are proof that dreams can come true at any time and to anyone in the world.

Good luck to the couple - Happy spending!

Euromillions winners

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Posted by Sajith (27/07/2011)

God Bless !!!...........Congratulations.. may God Bless me as well....HAHAAAA

Posted by SB-F8 (27/07/2011)

I'll tell you what I'd do with all that money... I'd pay off half my debt. LOL

Posted by Brian (27/07/2011)

Wow! Well done! I want that cheque!!!

Posted by Kabo (28/07/2011)

I would buy myself a new life, LOL..

Posted by Samantha (28/07/2011)

Congratulations ! Good Luck to the both of you and your family's I hope you live a very happy life ... I pray for all of your dreams to be fulfilled . My suggestion is what ever you do with your money is your choice and be smart with it, for your own sake.Good luck with any avenue you shall choose...! ENJOY . I pray to have a little luck like you someday .. Stay safe

Posted by Percivell (1/08/2011)

Congrats for both of you. Do want u want in ur life. By the way how long have u been playing this lotto? Any guess.

Posted by Shaun (1/08/2011)

How about that!?!? Well done and enjoy! I can only imagine... Wait!.. don't let me even start cause i'll never have to stop dreaming! ;-)

Posted by Rajesh.r (2/08/2011)

God bless you

Posted by -itWJC (10/08/2011)

I wish it was me LOL

Posted by UxpIf_96 (10/08/2011)

YOU ARE LUCKY AND I am happy that you guys have won. Life is short so enjoy what you have won and god bless you.

Posted by CQx2Y (22/08/2011)

its absolutely unbelievable cant imagine what one would spend it on - silly hey only joking -the world is your oyster use it wisely .Can u say how many tickets u played and if they were regular numbers played each week ??

Posted by Tarik (25/08/2011)

Insallah I will be so RICH as them...amin good luck and congratulations them,,

Posted by Tarun (3/09/2011)

Congrates both of you ! Am happy that you hv won jackpot ! May God bless me also !Tks Tarun Raheja

Posted by DILIP KUMAR (6/09/2011)

Congratulations.God has blessed you with the enormous wealth.Do whatever your conscience tells you. DILIP KUMAR BHATTACHARYA KOLKATA INDIA

Posted by Rajkumar (1/11/2011)

tip of this week coment mostly jackpot winners intrested on bmw cars

Posted by Austin (1/11/2011)

i am very happy to see that big cash i claim it now in jesus.and i no very soon it will be my own.

Posted by Austin (1/11/2011)

you no what ford and lamborghini moving on

Posted by Pakkialakshmi (6/11/2011)

i would prefer to buy jaguar landrover.

Posted by David (7/11/2011)

rangerover which is aguzler

Posted by Yusman (26/06/2013)

All efforts and our efforts to win it we did, some apparently already offer we follow but the opportunity has not yet arrived. Nothing is impossible if you have the desire to take tickets, 185 million euros is the main prize of a predefined jackop and may undergo changes to increase. of course we keep trying to be in the competition take a ticket, the victory would change everything if the jackpot prize of 185 million euros into the rights of you and me.

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