Sharing In Their Winnings

Who says money breeds greed? This office Powerball lottery syndicate’s heart-warming story of generosity and kindness throws that statement out in one fowl swoop! And it just goes to show that a bit of Powerball lottery winnings can go a long way.

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Powerball $1 million prize!

The group of 12 at Keller Williams Partner in Plantation, Florida had purchased tickets for the Powerball draw which was offering a massive jackpot of $338 million. Jennifer Maldonado who was new to the company decided to save her pennies that day as she was still awaiting her first pay check. She really didn’t expect what was to happen next!

Despite the odds of 1 in 5,153,632.65, the Powerball $1 million prize was awarded to the lucky group from Plantation! The colleagues all arrived at work in high spirits the following day, celebrating their Powerball second tier prize winnings, which split between them all amounted to around $83,300 each. And that included Maldonado – the co-workers all believe in team spirit and decided to share their winnings with the newest employee, who gratefully accepted the generous gesture.

Lottery commercial

Maldonado thought she was being pranked but it turned out simply to be a group of team-players wishing for her to share in their lottery success, and not a bad joke at all. Laurie Finkelstein Reader, the colleague responsible for buying the winning ticket, said “I’ll guarantee you the next time we play [Maldonado will] be in there.” We’re sure she will be!

The Powerball lottery jackpot prize was awarded to a single ticket holder from New Jersey, Pedro Quezada. He managed to match all five main numbers plus the Powerball number - the odds of this being approximately one in 175 million!

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Posted by Boris (18/12/2013)

I'd share in a million dollar prize.But only one...

Posted by Piotr (19/12/2013)

Lucky group

Posted by Marcin (19/12/2013)


Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/12/2013)

its nice to hear that people are still sober in their thoughts after winning! such a heart-warming gesture

Posted by Bqzsn (27/12/2013)

If only I could win a jackpot and rebuild a nursing home

Posted by IWw0Ut- (30/12/2013)

sharing is such a laudable and noble act. if one has the means to share one's fortune, surely more relief and joy will be experienced in the world.

Posted by Debashish D (7/01/2014)

nice gesture by the group.

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