Making Friday the 13th Your Luckiest Day!

In the 17 year history of Mega Millions, there have been some astoundingly large jackpots claimed by ordinary lottery players whose lives were forever changed – one of $380 million from 2011, another of $390 million from 2007 and of course the famous world-record jackpot of $656 million from last year. But last night’s Mega Millions draw wielded no winners, leaving the already competitive jackpot of $344 million to climb into record-breaking territory with its $400 million price tag!

Make Your Own Luck

The next Mega Millions draw, which happens this Friday the 13th, is offering a jackpot that kicked the former third-place record of $380 million off the lottery record board. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this Friday you could be the winner of the second-largest Mega Millions jackpot in lottery history! Waste no more time – get to and enter into the exciting Mega Millions lottery for your chance at the life-changing jackpot up for grabs!

But some of you are probably wondering, what of this apparent unlucky date, Friday the 13th? Tell us what you think will happen on Friday the 13th in the comments section at the end of this news item and you'll earn lotto points!

You’ll be happy to know, the Westernized superstition of “unlucky Friday the 13th” is just that, a superstition. Prior to the patriarchal revolution this date was considered to be greatly fortunate, and in some cultures sacred.

Who's afraid of number 13?

In the pagan beliefs of Old Europe, the number 13 was associated with the Great Goddesses and is essentially the most feminine of the numbers – there are 13 lunar cycles annually, and it’s the number of fertility and lunar potency. This is why it’s considered the lucky number of the Great Goddess. In pre-Columbian Mexico, the number 13 signified regeneration and in ancient Egypt it was believed that there were 13 stages of life, the thirteenth being death - the transition to eternal life.

In Jewish religion, the number 13 is a sanctified number being the age at which a Jewish boy is initiated into the Jewish community. It’s also sacred in the Islamic religion. And in the pagan goddess tradition of Old Europe, Wicca, there are 13 members to the coven.

The day of Friday is a significant lucky day as well – in the pagan beliefs, early Mother Creation Goddesses were the muse that resulted in the day being named “Friday”, with many derivatives of this name ranging from “Freya” to “Frig”. Jewish religion celebrates the Sabbath on a Friday, as does Islam.

Have Yourself A Lucky Day

We encourage all our lottery enthusiasts to reinvent this Friday the 13th and enter the Mega Millions draw – you never know what might happen! Lady Luck may just bestow her graces upon you and award you the second-largest jackpot on offer in Mega Millions history!

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Posted by Marcin (11/12/2013)


Posted by -3_JIV (11/12/2013)

No:13 already came as mega number last night draw so that's not the bad luck number it will be a good predictions are 13th will reappear on the friday's draw in both numbers selection.

Posted by TEQU8pueH (11/12/2013)

Dream it, live it, love it then catch it with the $400 million jackpot

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