Euromillions Winner Takes Home €185 Million Euros (£161 Million Pounds)

Euromillions players the world over will breathe a sigh of disappointment at the news that last nights €185 million Euromillions jackpot (a massive £161 million Pounds) was won by one lucky ticket holder in the UK.

Euromillions record breaking jackpot win

But of course with a SuperEnaLotto jackpot sitting at €40,900,000 there is always more than enough excitement to keep international lottery players going until the next big Euromillions rollover draw occurs.

So, what did this one lucky UK Euromillions ticket holder do to instantly become the 430th richest person in the United Kingdom? Simply chose the correct set of seven numbers for the draw: 17, 19, 38, 42 and 45, and Lucky Star numbers 9 and 10

The winning Euromillions Jackpot of €185 million Euros (£161 million Pounds) is officially the biggest Euromillions jackpot win in Europe. The winner is now instantly catapulted into the realm of some other very wealthy people. UK celebrities that the winner is now equal to in wealth include:

- David and Victoria Beckham
- Ringo Starr (former Beatle)
- Tom Jones
- Eric Clapton
- Phil Collins
- Rod Stewart

Whilst not quite in the same league as the richest man in the UK, Lakshmi Mittal (with a fortune of £17.51 billion), the winner of Tuesdays Euromillions draw is now staggeringly wealthy beyond most peoples wildest dreams!

The following stats were taken from the UK Daily Telegraph:

"The top prize of €185 million Euros (£161 million Pounds) would earn £9,323 per day in interest, which equates to £3.4 million per year."

"If £161 million was stacked in £50 notes, it would be almost 1200 feet (365 metres) tall - almost four times the height of Big Ben."

With last nights Euromillions winner taking home a record-breaking €185 million Euros (£161 million Pounds) the bar has now been raised on lottery jackpots everywhere!

The Euromillions, also known as the Euro Millions, the Euro Lotto and the European lottery, was launched in 2004 and is played and enjoyed by lottery pundits from across the world on

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Posted by XUALtos (13/07/2011)

WOW - Congratulations to the winner. I'm sure his/her life has changed dramatically. I play this lotto week after week - as I'm sure this person has done - without ever winning anything...but will keep on dreaming. I have build dream castles forever now on the hope of winning - as I'm sure the winner has....and it always involves giving to others that need it as well. Let's be honest - it's hard for 1 person to live all this money up:-) If you, the winner, reads this and what to extent that winning feeling to somebody please feel free to bless me and my family. In fact...pretty please!!! You can mail me here: [Comment modified by moderator] Otherwise - enjoy your windfall and congratulations. I will do just about anything to experience the feeling of winning or receiving a huge amount of money by chance.

Posted by Lim (13/07/2011)

if in uk will becomes no.430 the richest, if in my country i can becomes the 43 richest..if im win...hehehe.....disaipointant but only for short moment, i will always keep it my dream for next change massive jackpot

Posted by -rFp6 (13/07/2011)

NO COMMENT !!!My heart eats [Comment modified by moderator]!

Posted by UJ4 (13/07/2011)

Wow what a tremendous Blessing!! Congratulations! Would love just 10% Pat

Posted by Halit Umit (13/07/2011)

I wish to be a winner one day but I'm afraid I'm getting older day by day while waiting.

Posted by Vladimir (13/07/2011)

Sting all the millions he was again returned to England won only won the rich is unfair to me I had to win if you do not know what the money then at least give me a million € as a charity please. And you can tell me how so wins the jackpot. [Email address removed by moderator]

Posted by AjSv8 (14/07/2011)

To the lucky winner - CONGRATULATIONS. Spend it wisely or should i say invest it wisely.. The world is full of people who would like to part you with you good fortune.Dont entertain any requests for handouts, not even family. Invest first, secure your capital and then if you feel like giving family something di it from the income earned and tell everybody else to get lost.

Posted by Sajith (14/07/2011)

May the Godess of Wealth BLESS US AS WELL !!!...........Congratulations to the winner !

Posted by Vladimir (14/07/2011)

Johan section I wrote that all I had to win the jackpot I probably do not know to read it but I think it stinks that for any fraud if I'm going to win and win some English. This is perhaps corruptly bribed lottery and the front is known for the winner. This upset me and I will try to win as he jakpot of the maximum on the planet!!!

Posted by Babu (14/07/2011)

WOW...thats what i call luck....congrats!!! Will soon be a winner too.

Posted by Kemanguluko (14/07/2011)

Wow, Congrats, I will join the list soon. :-)

Posted by David M (14/07/2011)

Tonight was the first time I played this online lottery. Didn't know there were so many people all over the world playing it. Glad to be part of the "hopeful community" - you never know when you will strike ti rich.... like the lucky person who just won the Euromillions jackpot. Congrats. As posted by Johan, use it wisely, but don't forget the poor and underprivileged. Hope it is not the beginning of your downfall.

Posted by Walter (15/07/2011)

god bless the winner

Posted by Tarun (15/07/2011)

Hi, This is awesome. Congratulations to the winner from the future winner of Jackpot.

Posted by Marita (15/07/2011)

Congratulations to the luckiest person last week^_^

Posted by David (15/07/2011)

May I use your website to contact and beg from the jackpot winner the sum of US$300,000. I will use the money to help the poor by first investing it in a very viable business. I will first employ them and give then basic social aminities such as safe portable water, build school blocks, give medicines to the local health centre. I have been playing lottos since 2003 and I have never won bigger than £14.00. People appreciate because they live on less than a doller per day. In the name of the Almighty God, please I beg. You may contact management of website or find me at [email address removed by moderator]

Posted by Tommy (16/07/2011)

Im not gonna lie, im consumed with envy haha=) Congrats anyway!

Posted by Inderbeer (16/07/2011)

It will allso happen with me.

Posted by Vladimir (17/07/2011)

God to me cough again rather let the Englishman to win. To that I can fall nevediel stars 09.10 numbers like 17, 19, 38, 42, 45 are so difficult to guess But I still do not have luck. : (((

Posted by Gurmeet (22/07/2011)

Congratulations to the lucky winner...Only one great suggestion that I always dreamt to do in case of big win which is next to impossible for me....Dear lucky winner do try to use that great amount in a business that will provide welfare of society/people along with you making huge profits thereby getting in good books of ALMIGHTY GOD....I have a superb business strategy that could be given to you,I am a very simple person, if you would like to meet do get my details from respected site(

Posted by Hetal (14/11/2011)

lovely .. plz share how do you feel..

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