Luck Symbols and their Origin: Part Two

Last week we delved into the subject of lucky symbols and where they come from, focusing first on the fortune cookie. And as we saw, this luck symbol has a very interesting history that has resulted in the modern-day fortune cookie we all know and love – one that contains messages of good fortune, bringing us luck and hope.

Do you believe in the Irish folklore of the Leprechaun? Tell us what you think of this fairytale in the comments section at the end of this news item and you’ll earn lotto points!

Lucky Leprechaun

There’s another luck symbol we all know well and it also has an interesting history behind its origin – the legend of the Leprechaun. As the tale goes, this little Irish fairy that’s no taller than a small child has magical powers and a mindful of mischief that he likes to use to trick humans (of course when he’s not spending his time mending or making shoes). Leprechauns will usually stay away from humans in fear of being caught, for they will have to offer three wishes in exchange for their release.

The Leprechauns invented the story of owning a pot of gold to distract humans from their numerous other gold possessions in the event of their capture. But don’t be fooled by this little mischievous creature – he has much more where that one pot of gold came from, despite his tears and screams when you’re taking possession of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


Leprechauns are all born with the ability to bestow luck upon the world, and have been targeted for this ability by demons who did not respect their magical powers. They can also teleport themselves through rainbows and are immortal. To find a Leprechaun you have to stop looking for them because they can sense it. And once you’ve captured one, it’s an easy escape for them because all they need to do is distract you and once you have been, they can vanish in a split second.


But if you do manage to capture one, then be careful not to let him escape. You can exchange his freedom for three wishes and this is your chance for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Perhaps you could use a symbol of a Leprechaun in your home next time you play the lottery - it's sure to bring you some extra Irish luck!

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Posted by ELLX (9/12/2013)

good to have this Green fellow on my side

Posted by IWw0Ut- (3/01/2014)

wow, thats a magical thought. i hope i come across a Leprechaun today...and get my three wishes.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (3/01/2014)

folklore stems from some truth in the history of it's particular culture. they are meant to give strength and solace. i believe in Leprechauns and dragons and magic...

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