3D Print Anything You Desire (comment competition)

3D printers have been around since the start of the 21st century, but as machines become more sophisticated and also more affordable (Makerbots sell for anywhere between $2000 – $3,000), 3D printing has become a hot topic these days.

How does it work:

3D printing uses one machine to create a 3 dimensional object by adding thousands of layers of material together. Digital code tell the machine how to distribute the layers and in what shape to end up with the final object.


At the moment the materials used to create these objects are slightly limited. Metals, sandstone, ceramics and various types of plastics can now be used.  If however, you think that printing off a new outfit is impossible – think again as Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitoni have printed off the first fully articulated 3D-printed dress.

That’s right, you are looking at the first fully articulated 3D-printed dress. Printed off at Shapeways. The dress was designed by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitoni specifically for burlesque star Dita Von Teese.
The is made up from 17 different pieces and 3000 joints which enables it to move like a regular dress.  Sprinkled with 13,000 Swarovski crystals gives it that little extra luxury factor.

More broadly, 3D printing is a really exciting concept for the fashion industry. At Paris Fashion week in January, designer Iris van Herpen sent some amazing 3D printed sheaths down the catwalk. Imagine if you could custom order the right size and fit of a product off the runway and receive it in 2 weeks?
It won’t be long before we will be able to walk into a changing room, get a 3D scan, and get the garment printed exactly to our fit.
Clearly, there is a big opportunity in manufacturing. In fact, in this year’s State of the Union address, President Obama cited 3D printing as a key to revolutionizing industrial manufacturing. Imagine factories printing new parts? Or personally being able to print the replacement parts for your espresso machine at home rather than mail order it?

If you had a 3D printer, what would be the first thing you would print? The most original and entertaining FIVE comments will each win themselves a FREE Mega Millions voucher!  Winners will be announced on Friday before the draw.

We have the winners:   Congratulations to Sundarasrinivasan, Eugene, Bharat, Chandni and Ansleah for your winning comments! (your vouchers are in your account right now)

We would like to wish everyone good luck with their entries tonight!

Remember, you can earn lotto points for commenting on our news items!


Posted by Anthony (5/12/2013)

I would definitely print 5 tickets each for the EuroMillions , the Powerball ,and Megaball.

Posted by Rakesh (5/12/2013)

I will print a beautiful scenery and see it so that i feel that i am in that real scene.

Posted by Maruthusuresh (5/12/2013)

I will print currency,money,dollars...and give the money to all needy persons...even though it is fake it will give the poor a fraction second of happiness...

Posted by Debashish D (5/12/2013)

Food, Clothing and Shelter are the most basic necessities for human beings all around the world. Being said that, I would like to design basic clothing for all the needy/deserving and under privileged people in my state. Though it would a small start, but at least a step towards better dwelling condition for human beings. May God bless us all.

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (6/12/2013)

I will start with what's closest to hand — my self. I am not being metaphorical; I like to "scan myself and try to print myself, replicate myself. That's got to be really, really fun." That may sound complicated, but if WE have a 3D scanner, it's actually one of the easiest ways to go from an idea to a printed object. A scanner creates a digital model of a physical object, which can be exported to a computer-aided design (CAD) program like 123D Make or zBrush for editing, or sent straight to a printer to return to the physical world. If We don't have a scanner, we can still get digital models from one of the many public libraries where artists upload and share designs. "You can go to 123Dapp.com. It's a gallery of 123D models

Posted by -3_JIV (6/12/2013)

I will create an image of myself into half of my age with more hair on my head with of course how a billionaire (the current dollar/rand rate)will looks when i win tonight mega millions jackpot.

Posted by Boris (6/12/2013)

If I had a 3D printer, I would print PlayHugelottos Lucky Balls first!!!

Posted by BHARAT (6/12/2013)

I Will Print the child for Mother's who have lost a child...

Posted by Dorota (6/12/2013)

If I had a 3D printer, I would print my ideal nad perfect boyfriend

Posted by RxcDcGUk (6/12/2013)

I would print those designer chlothse straight from the runway, And the most expensive jewellery there is.

Posted by Chandni Vitthal (6/12/2013)

As women love shopping for clothes, If I had a 3D printer, I would design a very beautiful ladies dress with some added diamonds and all for added luxury and put it up for auction. I am 200% sure women all around the world would try to buy it and it will get sold like a hot cake. All funds received from the auction would then be used to educate kids in orphanages, to assist old people in old age homes, and to take care of the poor people. As its festive season, Christmas is round the corner, I would also like to buy some gifts for the needy and distribute it to them. Everyone in this world deserves happiness and if I can provide some with the help of this 3D machine I would love to play that part.

Posted by Kabo (6/12/2013)

I cannot print my own tickets because it is illegal and I know where to purchase tickets with no hassles (@ Playhugelottos), so the things that come to mind are: 1. a large wallet (for when I win the lotto) and 2. pants with large enough pockets

Posted by Sukanta (6/12/2013)

i print the photo of my country's "National Flag" because this one gives me and my family members the identity that 'who we are'.All the greatest people/leaders in the world at first known by his country than by his name.

Posted by Anuj (6/12/2013)

I would print myself with $10million cheque. This is the only wish

Posted by Bq29l9L (6/12/2013)

As a proud South African. I would make models of the greatest leader in the world Nelson "Madiba" Mandela, with his iconic pose (his fist in the air). And place them everywhere in the world, to remind people that there is no greater joy then peace and equality.

Posted by Vladimir (6/12/2013)

It would be safe (I had to be buried where expensive things, money, diamonds, gold ...) I would expel a 3D printer, and of course social sati ... If he could just as well as the money I would have printed.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (9/12/2013)

Global warming is so very threatening to our future existance...and because the masses are showing little or no interest, i will create the greatest awareness by printing pictures of the arctic/declining rivers/forests etc, and placing them in all classrooms, all schools, all tertiary instutions, all government bulidings, bill boards, motor adverts etc to make everyone awre of our predicament and thus act responsibly.

Posted by Hiskias (9/12/2013)

I will print the picture of my sweet angel in 3D

Posted by Ionut (8/09/2014)

I would like to print real money and a good breakfast because I'm usually lazy in the morning :d

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