Starting With The Euromillions Friday Draw - Is July Going To Be The Money Bags Month?

Do you believe that certain dates and numbers are auspicious?

Every few years the month of July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays - an occasion that some believe to be very lucky for money and finances! Whether or not you believe that July is truly a 'Money Bags' month or not it is still very likely to make at least TWO people incredibly rich.

Friday, the 1st of July sees two massive lotto draws available for all lottery players on

€152,000,000 up for grabs on the Euro Millions Friday draw!

$105,000,000 up for the taking on the Mega Millions Friday draw!

It is not only July 2011 that is being considered lucky though, in fact the whole of 2011 is looking rather special thanks to the presence of some unusual numbers in the year. 2011 will see the following dates occurr:


And if that wasn't enough here is a fun maths excercise to try:

If you take the last two digits of the year you were born and add the age that you will be turning in 2011 you will reach 111.

Whether this means that the Euro Millions star numbers are going to be 1 and 11, we don't know. For many this may mean nothing but for those others that feel touched by this in some way, get out there and make July and the rest of 2011 your lucky year!

Some lucky Euro Millions numbers to consider for the Euro Millions Friday draw are:

1 - 11 - 22 - 33 - 44 * 1 * 11

1 - 11 - 21 - 31 - 41 * 1 * 11

1 - 11 - 20 - 31 - 32 * 1 * 11

Good luck when playing the lottery online!

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Posted by Krishnan (1/07/2011)

Quite right. Five Fridays, Five Saturdays and Five Sundays come once in every 28 years. Some time back I was getting plenty of mails from friends stating that this July comes once in 800 years and according to the Chinese this was Money tree month I had to write to them stating it came once in every 28 years. It is difficult to say however about the lucky numbers. For numerlogy to work, the day is very important as each day is ruled by different planets and represented by different numbers. Still who can predict anything? Huge Lottos I know have the best of intentions. Best wishes to all particpants in the Euromillion draw of today. I think this being the 12th draw it will not be carried forward further. Am I right?

Posted by Krishnan (1/07/2011)

I have to apologise to the moderator that I inadvertently mentioned 28 years. Actually the Five Fridays, Five Saturdays and Five Sundays come every year once and in some years it comes twice and in some does not come. Example: Jan and Oct 2010, Jul 2011, Mar 2013, Aug 2014, May 2015, Jan and Jul 2016 Dec 2017 etc. My apologies to readers and to Huge

Posted by OUznR9 (1/07/2011)

YES! 01/07/2011 will be my lucky day!

Posted by Hijazi (2/07/2011)

Power loyment

Posted by Anton (5/07/2011)

Prosperity of all!

Posted by Krishnan (6/07/2011)

Oh God ! Another rollover! And some more anxious moments, waits and hopes!! As I woke up this morning as usual at 5 A.M., I realized there was no call during the midnight from Huge Lotto which meant I had not won any big prize, for night or day they would certainly inform their big winners !!! The next follow up action I took immediately after the morning chores, was to look at the Euro results. I realized that I had got six numbers matching however not in one entry, but combined from different entries- as if that was a solace. When I found that I had not won the big jack pot, the next thing I looked for, was what happened to the Jackpot. Has any one else won it? And what a relief? It has been carried over yet again. It means my hopes are not lost so are many’s. I have yet another chance to try my luck. Will the Goddess of Fortune ever bestow Her blessings at least once on me? Hopes should never end in dupes and fears never in tears!

Posted by Prabin (12/07/2011)

Dear INDIANS, Be ready to grab this tuesday's jackpot of Euromillions so play it cleverly, it is a prediction. JAI HIND

Posted by Fatmir (14/07/2011)

I was impressed by this take two digits of your year of birth and age that you will be on 2011 it really became 111 81+30=111 I hope I will win some big price this month or year thank you. Regards.

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