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Health and fitness: As you head off from your lean, teen years you’ll start to realise that staying in shape takes a bit of work! But with a lottery jackpot windfall in your pocket, you’ll have time and money to focus on your health.  And there are plenty of tips available for those of you who are interested in keeping fit, so let’s take a look at them:

1.    Warming up – prepare your brain for your exercise routine. "Preparing your central nervous system for activity is just as important as preparing your muscles," says Vern Gambetta, former director of conditioning for the Chicago White Sox. Your central nervous system  dictates the movement of your  muscles, so it’s important to have your brain ready to do the talking!

2.    Maintaining limber muscles – as you reach your 40s your muscles lose their flexibility, so it’s important to stretch for longer if you’re in that age range. Under 40, stretch for 30 seconds, over 40 stretch for 60 seconds.
3.    Protecting your neck – if you find that you’re straining your neck while doing crunches, try this handy tip: place your tongue up onto your palate. "It will help align your head properly, which helps reduce neck strain," says Michael Mejia.

4.    Overworking your muscles – after an hour of exercise your body will start producing the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone blocks testosterone and has a negative effect on your muscles. So keep your routine under an hour to avoid this!

5.    Back strength – if you’re looking to create more back strengthening opportunities then the way you place your thumb while doing lat pulldowns. Instead of wrapping your thumb around the bar, place it next to your index finger. This involves your back muscles more than your arm muscles.

6.    Core strength – a very important part of becoming fit is having core strength. To attain this you can do the good old fashioned sit up regime. Crunches on a Swiss ball or with a rolled up towel underneath your lower back also works. Just make sure your feet aren’t anchored, as this does damage to your lower back.

7.    Face it – being weak at an exercise shouldn’t stop you from doing it. Just start! The more you practise, the stronger you will become at it.

8.    The belly – that pesky belly is quickly eradicated if you forcefully exhale at the top of your ab crunch. It makes those abs work harder!

9.    Abs – probably the most popular target area for toning, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to work on your abs every day. According to David Pearson, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., an exercise scientist at Ball State University, "Physiologically, your abs are like any other muscle in your body." Which means you should be training them 2 or 3 days a week at most.

10.    Stronger legs – reverse lunges will do the trick for those of you who want to strengthen your leg muscles. Instead of stepping forward, step backward using the traditional lunge movement.

Of course when you’re a newly minted millionaire you’ll have the money for a personal trainer, but it’s always good to know how your body works and how to keep it safe from injury in times of exercise. Take charge of your fitness!

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Posted by Debashish D (20/11/2013)

guessing the correct combination in play huge lotteries is an excellent exercise for our brains... ;)

Posted by Hiskias (21/11/2013)

It is a very good advice because the probability of becoming fat is high after a jackpot win.

Posted by Edmore (21/11/2013)

With a lottery jackpot windfall in my pocket, i most definately will have time and money to focus on my family,health & business and above all continue to serve GOD

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/11/2013)

its nice that exercise has been mention in this column.we see all the winners of jackpots being on the indulgent side...hint hint

Posted by Marcin (25/11/2013)

It is my favourite lottery

Posted by Dorota (28/11/2013)

I like Megamillions

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