All The Luck In The World

There are some stories from lottery winners that blow any sense of logic and statistics out of the water; such as the man who won the lotto seven times and the lucky lotto punter who won twice in one year.

These incredible stories defy our established notions of luck, chance and on a greater scale, science. The story that revolves around a humble man from Croatia is sure to challenge these paradigms even further and it begins with a simple attraction to great escapes…

The Croatia-born Frane Selak was a music teacher that embraced an undefined magnetism to the incredible feats of human ability in his death-defying escapes. His first most notable escape occurred in January 1962, thirty-three years after he was born. Selak was travelling by train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik and it derailed, crashing into an icy river and killing seventeen of its passengers. Selak was not one of them however, escaping with a broken arm and some minor scrapes. The exhilaration of the escape was deeply felt by the man, but he couldn’t be prepared for what was to follow.


Frane Selak


A mere year following the train accident, Selak managed to survive a plane crash – the seemingly normal flight from Zagreb to Rijeka turned disastrous when the cockpit door blew off, flinging passengers into the sky and killing nineteen people. But not Selak, who suffered minor injuries due to his landing conveniently on a haystack. And a few years after that lucky escape, Selak managed to dodge death once more in a bus accident that ended up in a river and killed four other passengers. But no, not Selak!


another crash


The lucky evasions continue, one in 1970 in which he avoided an explosion from the faulty fuel pump in his car, a similar car-fire accident in 1973 which only took his hair and the most recent one in 1996 where the lucky man happened to fall into a tree after careening off a cliff in an attempt not to crash into an oncoming truck.
You’d think this man was doomed and that Death loomed in his every shadow, waiting to attempt another prank on his life, hoping for its success this time. But once again, Selak defied any logic by being the lucky recipient of $1 million lottery prize! He likes to think he is the world’s luckiest man, and after hearing about all his death-defying activity, we have to agree!

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