The Top 5 Lotto Winners Champagne Moments

Unless you are record-breaking Euromillions winner Adrian Bayford, who prefers celebrating with Dominos pizza, then it’s expected that a bottle of bubbly feature in the lotto winning celebrations. Drinking it is of course optional...

Nothing says “I’m King of the World” more so than a bottle of Champagne being sprayed in joyous celebration, whether it's on the podium for a Grand Prix victory or in a photo shoot for a lottery win. There can be no better way of congratulating yourself for a job well done than a good old fashioned hose-down with champagne. On the odd occasion some lotto winners might even manage to drink a few glasses in all the excitement.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 champagne moments from lotto winners around the UK.

Nigel Page

Nigel Page and partner Justine celebrate their amazing £56 million Euromillions lotto win with a very admirable spray-fest! Nigel officially became the UK's 980th richest person after the enormous jackpot win. He later went on to make headlines after his ex-wife sued him for a portion of his winnings.

nigel page celebrates lotto win

Dave and Angela Dawes

Although he might be more comfortable with a pint of Lager, that never stopped Dave Dawes from giving the bubbly a good seeing to. The couple took home an unbelievable £101 million on Euromillions back in 2011 and promptly made many of their friends instant millionaires.

dave and angela dawes lotto win celebration

Colin and Chris Weir

These 2 legendary winners need little introduction to the readers on Colin and Chris Weir were the biggest lottery winners in Europe at the time of their amazing £161 million jackpot win. They have gone on to become charitable angels in their home country of Scotland, donating thousands of Pounds to needy causes.

colin weir lotto win celebrations

Adrian Bayford

Ok, so we made a joke in the beginning of this news item about Adrian and his love of Pizza but that didn’t stop him and his wife Gillian from partaking in some Champagne shenanigans of their own. The couple had every right to smile and spray as they had just taken home the world’s biggest Euromillions jackpot win ever, a whopping €190 million.

Adrian’s efforts to continue his day job were eventually destroyed by a constant influx of customers asking for charitable donations. Adrian is now content to stay at home and dream of a Guns ‘n Roses reunion.

adrian bayford celebrating lotto win

Matt and Cassey Topham

At the time of winning £45 million on Euromillions, she was still known by her maiden name Cassey Carington. Thankfully the sudden windfall ensured this loving couple the wedding of their dreams and Cassey took on a new name. The Tophams are now in the process of building their dream home whilst travelling across the USA on a very long vacation.

tophams celebrate euromillions win

As its clear to see, nothing goes together quite like a giant jackpot win and a celebratory bottle of champagne. But remember, before you can spray, you have to play!

Give tonight’s $189 Mega Millions jackpot draw a go and you could be popping the bubbly in style.

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Posted by Debashish D (1/10/2013)

Hope to see my name along with my life partner in the above list soon...Amen ... :)

Posted by Hiskias (2/10/2013)

Indeed winning a jackpot is a wonderful experience.

Posted by -3_JIV (3/10/2013)

My moto in life is "NEVER EVER GIVE UP"thats why i am still playing with this site for last 8 years.I know one day is one day and then that day will be the celebration day.

Posted by Anuj (4/10/2013)


Posted by Krishnan (4/10/2013)

Too late now. But there is always a next occasion. Sooner the better!

Posted by Chandni (5/10/2013)

Winning moment would be mindblowing

Posted by Anuj (6/10/2013)

Really these people are very lucky

Posted by Sudha (7/10/2013)

Teetotalers can have just juices to celebrate. Is Champagne always associated with winning celebrations?

Posted by Piotr (7/10/2013)

very very very lucky

Posted by Hiskias (7/10/2013)

I hope one day I will join their group.

Posted by PTsKfKK (7/10/2013)

Absolutely the only way to celebrate is with bubbles (champagne) and my infamous chocolate brownie cake. Since I would be a jackpot winner I would buy the genuine Champagne instead the Sparkling stuff I can only afford to drink at the moment.

Posted by PTsKfKK (7/10/2013)

Absolutely the only way to celebrate is with bubbles (champagne) and my infamous chocolate brownie cake. Since I would be a jackpot winner I would buy the genuine Champagne instead the Sparkling stuff I can only afford to drink at the moment.

Posted by Judy (7/10/2013)

I will be a winner soon.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (13/10/2013)

i guess if you hit the BIG ONE u will be too intoxicated by your win to TASTE even the "tastiest" champagne available!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (14/10/2013)

One day I will be in their group.....

Posted by Wong (14/10/2013)

I want to be one of them...

Posted by Rakesh (18/10/2013)

Drinking champange is a very good way of celebrating happiness.

Posted by BXkQK (24/10/2013)

I'm hoping and praying for that miracle too. Its just matter of time before its mine.

Posted by Hiskias (7/11/2013)

One day I will have the greatest champagne.

Posted by Sharat (23/01/2014)

want to see myself one fine day in the hall of fame...

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