Maneki Neko - the Lucky Lottery Money Cat is taking another look at lucky things from around the world – as you know, a lottery player can never have too much luck on their side. In this news item we take a look at ‘Maneki Neko’, also known as the ‘Money Cat’.

The image of the waving Maneki Neko may be instantly familiar to many non-Japanese lotto players. This ‘Money Cat’ is famous throughout the world and is not only used to help increase wealth but also good luck and fortune in general.

The ultimate lucky cat

If lucky cats are sounding familiar to you it’s because we have already discussed cats as being lucky for lottery players. Maneki Neko is a very specific cat though and is widely held as the luckiest cat in the world.

Maneki Neko is often seen “waving” at customers from the entrances and window of shops, the ‘wave’ being regarded as a ‘come here’ gesture – urging customers to enter the store and make a purchase. In fact, the name ‘Maneki Neko’ when translated into English means ‘Beckoning Cat’.

maneki neko lucky cat

Although most often used by business owners to draw in money the cat is generally synonymous with wealth and could be seen to draw in money from any source, including the lottery.

Maneki Neko goes by many names including ‘Money cat’, ‘Lucky cat’ and ‘Fortune cat’. This Japanese cat comes in all shapes, sizes and colours but is most often depicted in the colours of white (luck), gold (wealth), black (health) and sometimes red. The cat is also wearing a collar (usually red with a bell attached) and occasionally seen holding a coin.

The cat most often comes in the form of a small ceramic figure, sometimes with an electronically powered waving arm but also appears on such items as key chains and as piggybanks.

money cat

The wave of wealth

Poor Manki Neko’s arm must definitely be getting tired after hundreds of years of waving it. And its only going to get worse for the gesticulating cat as many believe that the higher the cats paw, the greater the luck will be. Manke Neko figurines are thus being depicted with paws being held at an ever increasing height.

The Money cat is often incorrectly believed to be a Chinese lucky symbol when in fact it is of Japanese origin (albeit increasingly popular amongst Chinese vendors).

If you have been practising Feng Shui for increased prosperity, the Maneki Neko money cat can form part of your design – or simply place one next to your computer the next time you login to

Maneki Neko waves in wealth!


Posted by Debashish D (25/09/2013)

May the fortune cat bring some luck to all lottery players around the world.

Posted by Sudha (1/10/2013)

Thanks for this information on this lucky Cat, I have seen in many shops especially in Archie's and other gift shops. Now I know the value of it and am going to buy one.

Posted by Hiskias (2/10/2013)

I am eager to win a jackpot.

Posted by Anuj (4/10/2013)

cats are lucky sometimes but not always

Posted by Chandni (5/10/2013)

Not only this particular cat..according to me everything in this world has been created by "GOD"...and is equally lucky...

Posted by Hiskias (5/10/2013)

It is very exciting to win a jackpot.

Posted by Hiskias (7/10/2013)

One day I will be lucky.

Posted by Wong (14/10/2013)

The cat can bring me lucky and fortune..

Posted by Rakesh (18/10/2013)

This lucky lottery cat will definately help me in winning lottery one day.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/10/2013)

monkey's paw, rabbit's tail, cats wave...these are all immense luck charms for us to take home the JACKPOT!

Posted by Hiskias (24/10/2013)

One day I will win a jackpot.

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