What do Lotto Players Spend their Winnings on?

It’s a question that goes through the heads of lotto players across the world, what to do with your winnings once you take home the jackpot. The National Lottery in the UK recently commissioned a study to determine what lotto winners spend their money on.

With 3,000 millionaires under their belt and a total of £8.5 billion paid out over the years the UK National Lottery is very well placed to be able to tell us what lotto winners spend their money on:

1) A new house

By far the most popular purchase for lotto winners is a new home to live in. A total of £2.7 billion in prize money was dished out by winners to upgrade their primary residences, with the average property costing winners £900,000.00. Recent Euromillions winners, Casey & Matt Topham, are good examples with their planned ‘Tele-Tubby’ mansion.

uk lottery winners house

2) Investing for income

Property purchases are not only popular as a means to upgrade their living standards but also as investment vehicles. The average lottery winner in the UK owns 2.7 properties and uses property as a way to earn income from their winnings.

3) Entrepreneurship

Approximately 15% of lottery winners go into business for themselves once they take home the giant jackpot prize. Employees from businesses started by lotto winners amount to over 3,000 of the UK workforce. A recent poll on PlayHugeLottos.com supported the assertion that a large chunk of players would open their own businesses if they took home the jackpot prize.

audi r8

4) Brand new cars

Lucky lotto winners from the UK have spent nearly £500 million on brand new cars after taking home the top prize, with the average winner spending £46,000.00 on their new car. It seems that Audi is the favourite make of choice for these winners! PlayHugeLottos.com players seem to agree to this, also voting Audi as their preferred car of choice.

Alternatively, any of the world’s most expensive cars would surely also fit the bill.

5) Travelling the world

It is incredibly common for lottery winners to take a holiday after a big win. For UK winners the most popular holiday destination is the USA (with the State of Florida being one of the top choices) followed by the Caribbean and Dubai. In a recent poll PlayHugeLottos.com players chose a Caribbean cruise as one of the most desired trips to make after a giant lotto win.

When you finally land the big prize the world becomes your Oyster. Undoubtedly it will be an Oyster that contains many valuable Pearls.

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Posted by BXkQK (23/09/2013)

You forgot the phone upgrade's who wouldn't buy a new nokia lumia 920 smartphone

Posted by Debashish D (23/09/2013)

If I were to win a "JACKPOT"....i would follow the above steps as well, but I will also include another point, which would be charity. I follow the principle of 10% charity, i.e to donate 10% of my earnings for charity.

Posted by Rajesh.r (24/09/2013)

He he he imposible

Posted by RxcDcGUk (24/09/2013)

I would defenatly buy a house and then invest the rest after taking well deserved holliday ofcaursety

Posted by Krishnan (25/09/2013)

I waited for a life time to win big lottery but the total I would have spent in these 50 years must be more than a jackpot. But still I continue playing but not to the extent I did earlier. In the meanwhile without waiting for a lottery to be won, I have gone ahead with the preparations for starting a Society for running a Home for the abandoned old people ( rich and poor alike) and to ensure a decent funeral for the departed olds. This was my long cherished dream( after all I retired from Oxfam and its great ideals are deeply rooted in my veins Though initially I may have to struggle for financial support, I hope to build it on strong foundation and above caste, religion etc. If I ever win a jackpot that would boost my activity.

Posted by Marcin (25/09/2013)

A new house

Posted by Hiskias (2/10/2013)

My first spending will be in Dubai, on the only 7 star hotel.

Posted by Wong (14/10/2013)

A new house and travelling the world

Posted by Rakesh (18/10/2013)

Lottry players enjoy their whole life by winning lottery.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (21/10/2013)

my choice after winning...I will start with some humanitarian work... then get a supercar...a villa...a beach house...and an awesome world holiday!

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