Poland’s Mini Lotto launched on PlayHugeLottos.com

As one of the world’s most popular online lottery betting platforms, PlayHugeLottos.com is continuously evolving to offer our players the best new lottery games.

Since 1998, we have offered a safe and convenient platform for our players to play the world’s most lucrative lotteries, such as the US Powerball and Mega Millions. We are now proud to offer an exhilarating lottery game that will give you a unique and new lottery experience.

You can now play the Mini Lotto on PlayHugeLottos.com.

What is the Mini Lotto?

Many players view the Mini Lotto as a new lottery game as it has recently received a lot of attention. However, since 1976 this ‘larger than life’ lottery game has been punching above its weight and creating millionaires, and it is still going strong.

When it was first launched, it initially went by the name “Express Lotek”. It held its draw once every month, on a Wednesday. The number of draws was increased to every Wednesday in August 1976 and remained unchanged for 19 years.

A Saturday draw was added in January 1995, and the game took a two (2) year sabbatical in 1998. At the turn of the new century in August 2000, the game returned using the same name and game format.

Poland Mini Lotto launched on PlayHugeLottos.com - What is The Poland Mini Lotto

In October 2008, more draws were introduced, with draws now being held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Express Lotek changed its name to Poland Mini Lotto in 2009, and in 2014, it held its draw six (6) times a week from Monday to Saturday.

The Poland Mini Lotto has managed to stay amongst one of the most popular lottery games because it is affordable, easy to play, offers favourable chances of winning and draws every day.

How to play Poland’s Mini Lotto

When playing the Mini Lotto, you will have to choose five (5) numbers from a pool of 42 possible numbers.

You will need to be 18 years or older to play the Poland Mini Lotto on PlayHugeLottos.com.

How to win the Mini Lotto jackpot

The Poland Mini Lotto offers three (3) fantastic prize tiers, and you can win a prize by matching at least three (3) of the winning numbers. It has a modest Zł 2 million (approximately US $531,010) starting jackpot that rolls over to the next draw if it is not won.

Unlike other famous lottery games, the Poland Mini Lotto is a one (1) ball set game and uses a 5/42 game matrix. You will need to match the five (5) winning numbers drawn to win the Poland Mini Lotto.

Below is a table of the different prize tiers;

Match Prize
Five (5) numbers Jackpot
Four (4) numbers €200*
Three (3) numbers €5.00*


*All prizes are estimates as they can fluctuate based on the exchange rate and the number of tickets sold.

When does the Mini Lotto draw take place?

The Poland Mini Lotto gives you six (6) chances every week to win the jackpot. It holds its draw from Monday to Saturday at 21:40 (CET) in Warsaw, Poland.

You can buy your Poland Mini Lotto tickets online at PlayHugeLottos.com at any time until an hour before the draw.

Poland Mini Lotto launched on PlayHugeLottos.com - When does the Mini Lotto draw take place?

How to check the Mini Lotto results

Checking the results of any lottery game has always been a challenge for every lottery player. Either you have to sit for hours flipping through every TV channel or reading every newspaper page to catch a glimpse of the latest results.

One of the advantages of playing the Poland Mini Lotto on PlayHugeLottos.com is the convenience of checking your results online. After the draw, the results are immediately updated, and you can check the winning numbers on the Poland Mini Lotto results page.

What are the chances of winning the Mini Lotto jackpot?

Do you know why the Poland Mini Lotto is one of the world’s most famous lottery games? The answer to that million-dollar question lies in the favourable chance of winning.

The Poland Mini Lotto, compared to other famous lottery games, offers the most favourable chance of winning the jackpot. That is, you have a 1 in 850,668 chance of winning the Poland Mini Lotto jackpot.

Below is a table listing your chances of winning any Polish Mini Lotto prize;

Match Chances
Five (5) numbers 1 in 850,668
Four (4) numbers 1 in 4,598
Three (3) numbers 1 in 128

Does the Mini Lotto have jackpot rollovers?

The Mini Lotto has a must-win jackpot, and it does not have any rollover cap. When the top prize is not won after each draw, it increases in value and rolls down to the next winning prize tier.

How to claim your Mini Lotto prize with PlayHugeLottos.com

Millions of lottery players around the world dream of winning that coveted life-changing jackpot one day. However, the last thing you would want to cross your mind after winning the Mini Jackpot is how complicated it is to claim your winnings.

When you play the Mini Lotto on PlayHugeLottos.com and win the jackpot, a complex claims process is something you do not need to worry about.

Immediately after the draw, the Mini Lotto results will be published, and if you matched the winning numbers, we will instantly credit your PlayHugeLottos.com account. If you won £/$/€200 or more, we’ll not only send you an email, but one of our friendly customer service agents will call to congratulate you.

You will need to file a cash withdrawal request from your PlayHugeLottos.com account to claim your winnings. Upon receiving your request, our security team will contact you to ensure your PlayHugeLottos.com account is verified before granting your cash withdrawal request.

When your request is granted, your winnings will be deposited directly into your preferred bank account. You can also choose to have your winnings paid to you in several web wallets, but this option is dependent on the country you live in, including other factors.

How does the Mini Lotto payout?

One of the first things to come to mind after wrapping your head around the fact you won the Mini Lotto jackpot is what you’ll splurge your winnings on. Before making any drastic, lifestyle-altering decisions, you need to know how the Mini Lotto will pay your winnings.

Like some of the lottery games we offer on PlayHugeLottos.com, there is one payout option available: the lump-sum payout option. This payout option gives you instant access to your windfall as it is paid out to you immediately.

It is essential to keep in mind that PlayHugeLottos.com reserves the right to pay the winning jackpot total in the form of an annuity payout under exceptional circumstances.

Are you going to be taking your chance to win the Mini Lotto jackpot? Let us know in the comments below.


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Posted by Sunil (13/04/2021)

This one is my favorite because that's exactly the amount I need at the moment!! Lottery is an inspiration for people to hope for better things in life when things aren't well in life!! Lottery winners are the gift of God!! Thanks!!

Posted by Zeljko (28/04/2021)

It is nice to have one more lottery to play.

Posted by Thinh (11/05/2021)

Play daily for almost 2 months, only won the 3rd prize once.

Posted by Ganga Vidya (11/05/2021)

Seems cool and will work even if I have a shortfall on luck !!

Posted by Leyla (13/06/2021)

good news

Posted by Prunella (14/06/2021)

Its very good and it would be very good if there were more small games like this to play

Posted by Naledi (25/06/2021)

Great lottery with more or better odds of winning the jackpot

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