Rajesh from India or Marcos from Brazil? We look at 2020’s luckiest names, countries and more

2020 has brought with it unimaginable change. Despite the challenges that so many have faced, some people still seem to have luck on their side. Although no one is born truly ‘lucky’, it could be said that luck may be drawn to someone - like a moth is drawn to a flame.

We decided to analyse our top PlayHugeLottos.com players and put together a list of the luckiest countries, first names and more;

1. Luckiest country

When it comes to winning a lottery jackpot or any other lottery prize, one may have wondered where in the world luck may be located.

That honour goes to the country famous for the Taj Mahal and its aromatic spices - India. The Asian country has accounted for a majority of winners on PlayHugeLottos.com in 2020.

Brazil was the second luckiest country, while Russia was in third place.

Does location make a difference?

Regardless of where you are located, your chances of winning the lottery jackpot remain the same. A nation’s success in the lottery is said to be mainly dependent on the number of people who participate.

Rajesh from India or Marcos from Brazil? We look at 2020’s luckiest names, countries and more - Luckiest country

For example, India is said to be one of the most heavily populated countries in the world. As such, India has more potential lottery players. Thus, it would therefore make sense that a more significant percentage of winners come from the Asian country.

2. Luckiest city

We took our study a step further and had a look at which city had the most luck in 2020. The city of Hyderabad in India ranked highest. São Paulo in Brazil and Moscow in Russia came in second and third place respectively.

3. Luckiest birth month

Most people consider their birth month to be their luckiest month. May was the most popular month in India where October was the favourite in Brazil and August in Russia.

4. Luckiest lottery number

When it comes to the luckiest number, 11 was the luckiest in both India and Brazil while 8 was said to be the luckiest in Russia.


5. Luckiest age range

It has been said that with age, comes wisdom, but does the same apply to luck? According to our research, in India, the luckiest age range for males is between 26 – 40 and 41 – 65 for females. In Brazil and Russia, the luckiest age range was 41 – 65 for both genders.

6. Luckiest name

If you and your partner are expecting and looking for a name to bring your little one luck, we would recommend choosing one from our list.

In India, Rajesh was the luckiest name in 2020, while Marcos was the luckiest name in Brazil and Вадим Фаильевич in Russia.

So, what gave you the most luck when you played your favourite lottery game on PlayHugeLottos.com? Let us know in the comments below.

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It seems that I am not between the luckiest

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