The lotto winners guide to 11 most expensive foods

Winning the lottery jackpot means one luxurious upgrade after another. Your humble home becomes a mansion; your car becomes a luxury vehicle, and your wardrobe transformed into a designer collection. After winning the lottery jackpot, a simple dinner becomes champagne, lobster and Caviar.

Food is one of life's necessities, but for a lottery winner, food is more than just something you eat to stop your grumbling stomach. It is about indulging in the wild, weird and wonderfully rare foods in the world.

If you voraciously watch cooking shows and salivate at a gourmet menu, your millions will tempt you to visit all of the world's best restaurants. Imagine savouring delicacies such as truffles, sea urchin, Kobe beef and other succulent dishes. After all, the sky's the limit and money is no object.

Winning the lottery jackpot means you can look forward to spoiling your taste buds on the world's most expensive dishes. So, here is our lotto winners guide to the most expensive foods you can eat after winning a jackpot;

1. Caviar

Starting off the lotto winners guide to the most expensive foods is Caviar. It is sporadic, and because of this, it is one of the world's most sumptuous delicacies made from fish eggs picked from the rare sturgeon fish. Unfortunately, the sturgeon fish is endangered, and merchants are only legally allowed to sell a few eggs.

The Lotto winners guide to 11 most expensive foods - Caviar

The most expensive Caviar, according to the Guinness World Records, was sold for a hefty US $34,500 per kilo in Iran.

2. Oyster

Oysters are one of the most luxurious foods enjoyed by the ultra-rich, but they have not always been considered as a luxury. In the early 19th century, they were as cheap as chips and a primary food source for the working class in coastal communities. They were a plentiful snack used to bulk out meat pies.

However, their value was increased due to overfishing and pollution, which had a devastating effect on the oyster stock. Feasting on a dozen oysters in a top London seafood restaurant would cost you around £51 (approximately US $66).

The lotto winners guide to 11 most expensive foods - Oyster

3. Wagyu ribeye steak

Some call it Wagyu, others call it Kobe but we call it one of the most expensive steaks in the world. Priced at US $2,800, this is not a meal you will find at your favourite run-of-the-mill steakhouse.

The lotto winners guide to 11 most expensive foods: Wagyu ribeye steak

The meat is from Japan, where the cows are fed beer and professionally massaged every day. All of that TLC results in what is arguably the world's most tender and juiciest cut of beef.

4. The most expensive Taco in Mexico

If you love your Mexcian food, your taste buds would love to be spoilt by one of the most expensive foods at an extravagant hotel.

The Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort has a US $25,000 taco on the menu, and it contains tender Kobe beef, Beluga-Albino Caviar, langoustine lobster and black truffle cheese. It is topped off with a salsa made from spicy Morita chilli peppers, civet coffee (civet poop), and Ultra-Premium Tequila.

However, it does not end there; the hotel also offers a US $150,000 bottle of premium tequila to wash it all down.

5. Samundari Khazana in London, United Kingdom

Do you love seafood? Do you love it that much to splurge US $3,200 (about £2,500) on a plate of seafood? That is how much a plate of Samundari Khazana seafood curry costs.

This plate is crammed full of delicacies and indulgence with a whole lobster smothered in snails, Caviar and edible gold.

6. Pizza Royale 007

We all know the price of our favourite traditional pizza, the one with the doughy base, cheese, tomato, pepperoni and delicious toppings.

But how much do you think a gourmet pizza costs? How about a pizza auctioned for a whopping US $4,200? That is how much a Pizza Royale 007 was auctioned for in the United Kingdom in 2006 on eBay for the Fred Hollows Foundation. The Foundation specialises in the prevention of curable blindness in developing countries.

The pizza consists of a 12-inch base covered in cognac-marinated lobster, champagne-soaked Caviar, prosciutto, smoked salmon and venison and topped with a golden leaf.

7. Italian White Alba Truffle

If lavish pizzas, curries and steaks do not tantalise your taste buds, why not spend your millions on the world’s most expensive delicacies?

Should you have a taste for the extraordinary, the Italian White Alba Truffle is one indulgence you will want to savour at any cost.

The lotto winners guide to 11 most expensive foods: Italian White Alba Truffle

The small mushroom costs US $16,000 and is only found in the hills of Tuscany, making it among the rarest and tastiest mushrooms in the world. It comes as no surprise that ardent foodies will pay any price for it.

8. Black Diamond ice cream

If you have a sweet tooth, you will fall in love with one of the most expensive foods Dubai has to offer. The Black Diamond ice cream is an extravagant sundae made from Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream, black truffles and saffron.

The luxuriousness does not end there as the ice cream is sprinkled with 23-carat gold flakes with a touch of gold powder. You also get to take the handmade golden bowl and silver spoon too, a mere US $186 for the taking.

9. Fragrant Saffron

Saffron is the vivid crimson stigma, or threads from the crocus flower and commonly used as a colouring agent in food. It only blooms for a week or two every year and harvesting this flower is labour-intensive as it is collected and processed by hand.

Each flower only has three stigmas, meaning that it takes approximately 300,000 flowers to make a kilo. This spice, nicknamed 'Red Gold', is more expensive than actual gold. Saffron is a very subtle and fragrant spice, with a slightly sweet and luxurious taste that is almost indescribable.

So, the most expensive food in the world could be in the back of your cupboard without you realising it.

The lotto winners guide to 11 most expensive foods: Saffron

10. Billion-dollar popcorn

Why opt for a regular movie theatre or microwave popcorn after winning your favourite lottery jackpot when you could crunch on billion-dollar popcorn? At US $5 per kernel, it is a 'bargain', but it is cheaper if you buy in bulk for only US $2,500 for a 6.5-gallon tin.

The popcorn is coated in organic sugar, Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla, and Vermont butter. And it is topped off with the world's most expensive salt, making it a luxury only for the rich.

11. Iberico ham

The Iberico ham concludes our ultimate lotto winners guide to the most expensive foods. It is a type of 'cured ham' only produced in Spain and Portugal. Its premium range is from free-range pigs on an acorns diet during the last stages of their life.

Classification of the Iberico ham is stringent, with the 'black label' viewed as the best and produced from pure-bred Iberian pigs wandering oak forests and devouring acorns. Moreover, the ham is cured for 36 months.

The lotto winners guide to 11 most expensive foods - Iberico ham

The most expensive leg of ham, according to the Guinness World Records, that is commercially available is an Iberian 'Machado de Jabugo' priced at about £3,200 (approximately US $4,200).

Which foods will you be splurging your money on when you win the lottery jackpot? Let us know in the comments below.

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Leslie Eric Nunu - who has written 37 articles

Posted by Zeljko (23/04/2021)

I tried iberico ham. It is really something....

Posted by Leyla (11/10/2021)

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