The eight don'ts of online ticket purchasing

The lottery has been in existence for centuries and has transformed the lives of many players with its fortunes. Winning a massive jackpot, or any jackpot for that matter is something that every player dreams of. In your quest to win millions, you need to be aware of certain aspects that may negatively impact your game.

These are the top eight don’ts that you need to avoid when trying your luck at winning millions.

1. Don’t rely on online lottery ticket purchasing to better your quality of life.

Before living like you’re a millionaire, you first have to win the massive lottery jackpot. Online ticket purchasing should be a fun hobby that you take up in your spare time.

As fun as it is, playing the lottery is something you can’t rely on to change your life for the better.

2. Don’t play the lottery with just one line.

If you’re playing the lottery by yourself, you should make one lottery ticket purchase and play for fun. But, if you want to be more strategic and mathematical, buying more lottery tickets, mathematically means you have more chances of winning.

Should you choose the latter approach, then you must be part of a lotto syndicate. There are three main reasons why you should consider joining a lotto syndicate;

  • To increase the covering or buying more lottery tickets.
  • It reduces the cost of buying lots of lottery tickets and;
  • It is more fun to play as a group.

One lottery ticket purchase may be all you need to win the lottery jackpot, and chances are also likely that will not happen. Thus, it is best if you started or join a lottery syndicate and play a hundred lines or even more using a lottery wheel in combination with number patterns.

Not all lottery number-wheeling systems are created equally, so to be on the safe side; you must know an ideal way to wheel numbers. To make things easier, you must use the right lottery calculator. Being part of a lottery syndicate is essential as playing a hundred lines can be expensive.

3. Don’t take part in online ticket purchasing without a good strategy.

Randomly choosing lottery numbers is one of the most common methods used by many lottery players. While there’s nothing wrong with selecting numbers randomly, it would be best to put into action a lottery strategy that uses the best types of combinations.

The eight don’ts of online ticket purchasing - Don’t take part in online ticket purchasing without a good strategy

You don’t have to master Algebra to have a clue on how the maths works out in a good lottery strategy. There are numerous lottery calculators which do all the calculations for you.

A lottery number generator is a simple tool to use, and all you have to do is to point and click. You have to choose the numbers you want to play and press download, and it will give you several combinations to play in your lottery game. Each lottery calculator comes with a feature that allows you to generate different combinations.

4. Also, don’t play using bad strategies.

Having a good plan doesn’t mean that you have got the advantage in online lottery ticket purchasing. There is nothing wrong in using hot and cold numbers, but you still need to use an excellent strategy to increase your chances.

Checking the frequency of each number drawn in a lottery draw is also not a good strategy. What many lottery players tend to do, and this doesn’t help much, is to pick the most common winning lottery numbers. If you want to win the lottery jackpot, you have to successfully pick all the right lucky numbers in the right combination.

According to The Law of Large Numbers, when specific numbers are drawn more than other numbers, the less drawn numbers will soon be drawn in future draws. It would be best if you focus on the combination of lottery numbers rather than individual numbers.

5. Don’t only play when there are massive jackpots on offer.

When a lottery jackpot gets rolled over after each draw and reaches record amounts, many players will make their lottery ticket purchase in hopes of striking it rich. As with any lottery, there’s always the possibility that you could win, as the saying goes - you have to be in it to win it.

The eight don’ts of online ticket purchasing

6. Don’t play the lottery with a negative attitude.

It’s best not to have a negative mindset when you are about to make a lottery ticket purchase. Playing the lottery should give you some happiness, keeping in mind that it is just a game and you should not take it seriously.

The lottery is a game that comes with many swings and roundabouts, so if you’re wasting your swings; you’ll soon earn your roundabouts. You should have a proper lottery game plan so that when your plan ‘A’ doesn’t work, you can try plan ‘B’.

7. Don’t doubt your lucky numbers.

You don’t need to change your lucky numbers after every draw. Remember, consistency is critical, and in the long run, those numbers will make you an instant millionaire. If you believe you’ve got the best set of lucky numbers, then there might be no need to change them.

In the world of online ticket purchasing, your set of numbers may perform poorly in some draws and perform well in other draws. So, you have to be in it to win it.

8. Don’t admit defeat easily.

Online ticket purchasing is a game of chance, and there’s no easy way of winning any lottery jackpot as it is entirely random. To win the lottery jackpot, you’ll need to have patience and be very persistent.

You must think of the lottery as a game of strategy, and you must always play to keep things interesting. So, strategising is of importance with the final goal still being to win.

Now that you know what you should not do when playing the lottery, are you ready to take your chance of being the next instant millionaire? has an exciting range of international lotteries with some of the biggest jackpots in the world.

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Leslie Eric Nunu - who has written 37 articles

Posted by Zeljko (21/09/2020)

I am always playing my lucky numbers. Hope once it will bring me some monay.

Posted by BESHKA (21/09/2020)

Very sound advice. I play for fun but one always hope to hit the jackpot. Number 7 was my biggest issue but now I have 3-4 lines of numbers that I play consistently so hoping that one will be a winner soon.

Posted by Zeljko (25/09/2020)

I never doubt my lucky numbers

Posted by Gnanaprakash (12/10/2020)

I always believed in the god with whom I am praying blindly and select the nos without any particular option

Posted by Amos (13/10/2020)

thats good advice

Posted by Leyla (12/07/2021)

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