India's 2020 lottery winner stories

Imagine being on the verge of giving up playing the lottery because you haven’t won anything, but something inside you urges you to try one last time and you actually win? Or you wake up as an instant celebrity and you have to beg the police for protection?

It sounds like a story straight out of a Hollywood script right? Well, this actually happened to these two lucky lottery winners in India.

1. Nagpur

Prashant Kumar, a central government employee, for the past four years never missed an opportunity to purchase his lottery entries every week, but luck was never on his side. While on his way to work one day, the dejected 40-year-old initially ignored his instinct to buy his lottery entry, but soon gave in and turned back to try one last time.

India's 2020 lottery winner stories - Nagpur

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This time, because he had been beaten far too many times and was shy, he didn’t want to spend too much and bought a few tickets. Little did Kumar know that turning back to buy those few tickets was the best decision he ever made in his life as 24 hours later he was a multimillionaire.

The India lottery winner still clearly remembers the exact moment he realised that he no longer had to support his family on a government salary.

“The results had come online a day after the purchase and I just could not believe that I had won. Even my family was sceptical thinking this was all scam,” Kumar said.

2. Kolkata

After retiring nearly a decade ago as a deep tubewell operator to his unimposing home and a modest pension, Indra Narayan Sen dreamt of one day winning the lottery jackpot, but not being famous.

Well, that is what happened to this 70-year-old after winning Rs 1-crore (over US 130,000) and days after winning he turned up at the local police station pleading for security. The newest India lottery winner told the officer-in-charge, Rakesh Singh, he was afraid to leave his home as he’d be swamped by droves of people because he had become an overnight celebrity.

Acting almost on an impulse, Sen bought 10 daily lottery entries, “I had gone to the Guptipara market and bought those tickets as an afterthought. I kept the tickets folded in my pockets and didn’t bother to check the results”, Sen revealed.

One person, however, who did check the results was Mintu Biswas, the owner of Siddheswari Lottery Centre where Sen had bought his tickets. Biswas started to deck up his small shop with flowers and offering sweets to passers-by when he found out that the winning ticket was bought at his shop. He then embarked on a mission to track Sen to inform him of his newfound fortune.

“When the shop-owner came to my house to alert me, I did not believe him, but he insisted. I accompanied him to his shop to check the results. I was only convinced then, I didn’t share this with anyone because I was anxious. I’ve never seen so much money. When I retired, I got around Rs 1 lakh (just over US $22,000). So, I got scared”, Sen said.

The India lottery winners life has changed since winning the lottery. “Everyone wants to congratulate me, even advise me what to do with the money. Some even want to shake my hand. People whom I’ve never seen before are coming to my home to offer help”, Sen claims.

Indian lottery winner to receive winnings after three months

Sen visited his local bank to deposit his lottery ticket and was told it will be in his account in three months.

“The amount will be credited to my account within three months. But I cannot be at peace as long as I’ve got this spotlight on me”, Sen admits.

Though he has to wait three months to finally spend his money, Sen has already made plans for it. He intends to use part of it to build a Durga temple at his in-laws’ place, offer some as Dakshina and offer puja. The India lottery winner will divide the rest of the winnings amongst his three sons and grandsons.

Do you have an interesting lottery winning story you’d like to share with us? Share it in the comment section below.

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