The most luxurious experiences for multimillionaires

Luxury is loosely defined as “a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.” Luxury is a state many of us dream to be in on a day to day basis. While some dream of leather interior cars and a home renovation, the ultra-rich are dreaming about experiences some couldn’t even imagine. True luxury is one-of-a-kind experiences exclusive only to you. The rarer, the better. Today we’re exploring luxurious experiences fit for a multimillionaire and our next big winner!

Say hello to the penguins in Antarctica

Summer in the Hamptons and Winter in the Alps, this is where the rich prefer to spend their seasons. However, if you want to enjoy an experience not many can then pack your bags for Antarctica!

On the 1st of December in 1959, twelve countries signed the Arctic Treaty which declared Antarctica free for scientific and peaceful use only. While it is not illegal to visit Antarctica and you might not need a visa to travel there, you do need permission from each country that signed the treaty to allow you to go.

It is often only luxury tour operators who offer trips to Antarctica because of the sheer price to visit this continent. Starting prices range anywhere from US $65,000 and the price includes once-in-a-lifetime experiences like Antarctic treks, explorations through an ice cave, ice climbing plus a flight over the South Pole which takes you to private viewing of an emperor penguin colony!

We think a trip to the Southernmost point on the surface of Earth beats a trip to the Alps on any day!

See the peaks of Mount Everest without climbing it.

Mount Everest is Earth’s highest mountain above sea level and it is located along the border between Nepal and China. As a result of its location, there is the Nepal-side and the China-side of this massive mountain. Many adventure-lovers dream of trekking along the slopes of this heritage site, but just the thought of a two-month-long gruelling hike makes many adrenaline-seekers change their minds.

However, if you’re not a hiking lover but you would still love to see these beautiful peaks for yourself, then a hot air balloon experience should be the first thing you do after becoming a multimillionaire.

Chris Dewhirst is an experienced pilot who offers only a handful of people the opportunity to see the top of Mount Everest from a hot air balloon. Once you’ve soared through the sky and reached the very top you’ll have uninterrupted 360-degree views of this mammoth mountain. Can you picture yourself soaring through the sky and seeing Mount Everest the way only a few get to? This experience is only fit for a multimillionaire though because this trip will cost you US $5.9 million to enjoy!

Cruise around the world and in style

The most luxurious experiences for multimillionaires - Cruise

As a multimillionaire, you can quit your job without a second thought and enjoy the things you could once only dream about. A cruise plus a chance to see the world sounds like a great combination to us.

A cruise around the world is a one-year trip that takes you to six continents, 120 ports and more than 30 countries. Unlike most cruises that only set sail for about 7 days at a time, a 1-year cruise around the world will be a trip many people only dream about.

These cruise ships are specially designed to give passengers the most comfortable experience of their lives so these ships come fully equipped with US $600,000 studio apartments all the way to US $2.95 million two-bedroom ocean view apartments. Imagine waking up almost every day in a new city or country and with an incredible view of the ocean? It sounds like a treat to us!

Is there a lavish experience you're dreaming about enjoying after winning millions? Share them in the comments section bel

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Posted by Leyla (19/10/2021)

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