Daily lottery affirmations - just for you

Feeling a bit down in the dumps? We’ve got something to lift your spirits and help you feel more positive and in control. Today we’ll introduce you to the world of lottery affirmations. Start a new positive approach to winning the lottery today.

What are affirmations?

The word affirm is defined as “offering emotional support or encouragement.” Affirmations is a practice that people have widely adopted across the world as a way to foster positive thinking as well as a self-improvement practice whereby one actively repeats positive statements or words which keep negative thoughts at bay.

Do affirmations work?

A lot of people believe they work not just as a New Age trend but based on the way the brain works. The brain contains a RAS (Reticulating Activating System) which works like a filter for information that decides to filter out what we need and what we don’t need. This system helps regulate what is, and isn’t, important to you. Using affirmations is a way that you can keep positive thoughts top of mind and actively seek out situations or perform actions that lead to more positive results.

Daily Lottery affirmations - just for you

Why should you use affirmations in your daily life?

Whether or not they work - affirmations will give you a more positive outlook on life. They will also help you realize what is important to you and what isn’t. This means you’ll feel happier, calm and more focussed on your goals.

Below you’ll find a list of specially selected PlayHugeLottos affirmations, to keep your eye on the prize - the jackpot prize of course. We’ve given you a handy weekly affirmation list, so you can practice your affirmations daily.

Lottery affirmations for every day of the week:

MONDAY AFFIRMATION: I allow myself to win millions

Start your week off on the right foot by proclaiming that you are allowing yourself to win millions.

Lotteries Drawing on Monday’s:

  • FranceLoto

TUESDAY AFFIRMATION: I win large amounts of money often

Affirming that you win often is a way to keep all the exciting lotteries on offer on a Tuesday top of mind.

Lotteries Drawing on Tuesday’s

  • SuperEna Max
  • Oz Lotto
  • EuroMillions
  • Mega Millions
  • Mega Millions Max

WEDNESDAY AFFIRMATION: I have the power to attract money

They say that if you don’t play, you can’t win - and Wednesday’s affirmation confirms that. With Powerball drawing on a Wednesday stating that you have the power to attract money on Wednesdays will put you in good stead to attract money.

Lotteries Drawing on Wednesdays

Daily lottery affirmations - just for you


Don’t forget to get your entry into PlayHugeLotto favourite, SuperEna Max. Who knows, this may be the week that you win millions.

Lotteries Drawing on Thursdays

FRIDAY AFFIRMATION: I am always winning jackpots

Fridays are for fun, and what could put you in a better mood than thinking about winning multiple jackpots and adding millions and millions to your bank balance.

Lotteries Drawing on Friday’s

SATURDAY AFFIRMATION: I am open to the best things in life

Think about all the things you will do with your lottery win and start opening yourself up to the possibility that all the best things in life can be yours.

Lotteries Drawing on Saturday’s

  • France Loto
  • US Powerball
  • Powerball Plus
  • UK Lottery
  • Mega-Sena
  • SuperEna Max

SUNDAY AFFIRMATION: I choose to be a lottery jackpot winner

Sundays are days for reflection and setting the tone for the week ahead. You hold the power to choose whether you have a chance of winning massive jackpots. All you need to do is enter.

Lotteries Drawing on Sunday’s

  • There are currently no draws on a Sunday, but this doesn’t mean you can’t play. Use Sunday as a day to plan out which of our exciting international lotteries you will play.

Which of these lottery affirmations are your favourites? Tell us in the comments below.

This post was written by
Jason L - who has written 2956 articles

Posted by Debashish D (13/05/2020)

I allow myself to win millions. I win large amounts of money often. I have the power to attract money. I am open to the best things in life. TATHASTU... :)

Posted by Muhammad (14/05/2020)

Well….wearing 1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne will do me good. The aroma of money stimulates me to buy lottery tickets.

Posted by Leyla (21/10/2021)

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