The 2020 colour of the year and a multimillionaire

Calm, confident and reassured - that’s what we’d imagine being a multimillionaire feels like every day. With the reassurance of money in your bank account to make any dream a reality, our winners can rest assured that they will have the peace of mind to pursue any of their wildest desires.

To celebrate the Pantone colour of the year, PANTONE 19-4052 - Classic Blue, which has been described by Pantone’s Vice President, Laurie Pressman, as “a reassuring presence, instilling calm, confidence, and connection”; we’ll explore how Classic Blue can become part of your multimillionaire future and how you can incorporate this colour into your winning future.

Drive like a multimillionaire should with this rare beauty

The 2020 colour of the year and a multimillionaire

Seen by many as the first-ever Porsche produced, the 1939 Porsche Type 64, is one of the rarest cars in the world. With car enthusiasts speculating that only three were ever made. This rare beauty was put up for auction in August 2019 - but was never sold due to an unfortunate auction blunder. With a starting price mistakenly put at $30 million (instead of $13 million) and ending at $70 million which was then dramatically dropped to $17 million. The result was that this beautiful car never reached its auction reserve. That may sound unfortunate, but it means this car could potentially be within your reach if you win this week’s US Powerball jackpot.

Take your favourite pair of blue jeans to a whole new level

Multimillionaires don’t just wear ordinary jeans but can pick how they’d like to style them. With Swarovski crystals, 14-carat gold, silver rivets, diamond buttons and other adornments to choose from, Fashion brand Escada offers Couture Swarovski Crystal Jeans starting from US $7500. The most expensive pair ever sold commercially was sold for US $10,000. This could be pocket change if you manage to win our SuperEna Max jackpot on offer.

Drape yourself (or the one you love) in blue diamonds

The 2020 colour of the year and a multimillionaire

Blue diamonds are the most expensive (and rarest) diamonds in the world. Famous blue diamonds that have made history include the Hope Diamond (with an estimated value of $250 million), the Heart of Eternity (a 27.64 carat vivid blue diamond, estimated at roughly $3 million per carat!) and the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond (which was mounted on a crown for the King of Bavaria and is estimated to be worth $80 million today).

Why not play Mega Millions today and start your own collection of valuable blue diamonds?

Not keen on diamonds? Spoil yourself with sapphires instead. The record for the world’s most expensive cufflinks ever bought, was set by the King of Pop himself, multimillionaire Michael Jackson. They were bought in Romania for US $39,750 and are made from a combination of sapphires (a precious blue gemstone) and gold. Blue is also the main colour of the Oz Powerball lottery logo - so it may be a sign you should play!

While you may be feeling blue, we think the selection of the Classic blue for 2020 may be the good omen you’ve been waiting for on your way to becoming a multimillionaire.

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Posted by Leyla (30/06/2021)

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