How does winning the lottery change your life?

As children we watched cartoons and fairy tales. With every end of another movie we were hopeful, inspired and energized. Fast forward decades later, and today we have the online lottery. A safe space on the internet where a few lucky numbers can change your life overnight. After each lottery entry we’re hopeful, inspired and energized all over again. So what really happens when you get that lucky call? How does winning the lottery change your life?

1. You become instantly famous

How does winning the lottery change your life?

If you look at your lucky numbers and realize they match the ones that have just been drawn - guess what, you’re about to become instantly famous.

Winning the lottery means you’ll be interviewed by news channels, newspapers and radio stations. Everyone will want to hear the story of the latest multimillionaire, how winning the lottery changed their life and how they plan to spend their fortune.

Advice: One Jamaican lottery winner chose to wear a scream mask while collecting his cheque. This was a fun and clever way to keep his win a secret.

2. You’ll have the biggest bank balance you’ve ever seen

End of year bonuses are great - we’re richer than we’ve been all year. Winning the lottery? That’s a bank balance you’ve never seen in your life! All lottery winners can choose between a lump sum or annuity payout. Depending on your choice you’ll either receive your winnings in a single payout or in monthly installments. Either way, if you’ve won a jackpot, you can look forward to seeing a pretty impressive figure in your bank account.

Advice: Most lottery winners choose to consult a financial adviser before collecting their winnings. This way they have the financial facts and knowledge to make the decision that best suits their lifestyle.

3. You’ll hear from people you’ve probably forgotten

How does winning the lottery change your life?

Remember your best friend from high school? Your teacher from the second grade? Once news of your new-found fortune spreads, people from all over the world will be calling to ask for a loan, an early Christmas present or ‘small change’ to help them along.

Advice: Be smart with who you’re communicating with. There are some who genuinely need a financial boost in their life, and then there are those who take advantage of other people’s fortune.

4. The chance to pursue your dreams

There are many reasons people don’t pursue their lifelong dreams. They have a day job, the experiences they dream about are simply too expensive, they have family responsibilities and many many more. Once you no longer need to stick to a budget everything changes. You’re suddenly exposed to new opportunities, the world becomes your oyster and you don’t have to look at a price tag again - ever.

Advice: chat to your financial advisor before making any drastic decisions. After winning the lottery it’s important to enjoy every single moment of it, but it’s just as important to be savvy with your wealth.

What are you looking forward to the most? The fame or the endless opportunities? Comment below and let us know what would be your favourite thing about winning the lottery!

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