How do billionaires choose their dream home?

The rich are known for living lavishly and luxuriously, but with so many options available to them, how do they make their decisions?

A new car, a new home, a new private jet and a new superyacht are only a few of the grand items that billionaires can buy on a whim. Can you remember the time you bought a home, or a car or even a new pair of jeans? We bet you gave it some thought, consulted a friend and then thought about it some more. So what happens when something costs millions of dollars, how do you make a decision then? Today we’re taking a look at how billionaires choose their dream homes, because you never know, maybe this will be you one day!

What’s the view like?

When you open your curtains or roll up your blinds, what would you like to see? Rolling green hills, perhaps the crystal blue ocean or the endless expanse of the city? One thing is for sure - it should be as pretty as a picture. Nobody wants to look into a brick wall or a massive tree - so the view matters. When it comes to a billionaire’s home, prettier is pricier and higher is better.

Home inspiration: Lily Safra owns Villa Leopolda in France and that villa’s view could inspire a poem!

How do billionaires choose their dream home?

Size does matter!

Some people say that “size doesn’t always matter”, but when it comes to a billionaire’s home, size is important! Where there’s money, there’s a merry-good time. Between the dinner parties, the birthdays and the social events, a new home has to match up to the soirees that are going to be held there. If a home is too small, there simply isn’t enough space, and if it’s too big the space could feel overwhelming. So pick wisely!

Home Inspiration: Garret Camp, Uber co-founder, is the new owner of Trousdale Mansion in Beverly Hills and we bet his Summer parties are legendary!

How do billionaires choose their dream home?

What’s the climate like?

Billionaires are fortunate enough to spend their time wherever they want. They could chase Summer all year long, visiting every sunny destination and never feeling a cold wind. A home is slightly different - you can’t move it when it rains too much. Billionaires need to consider the micro-climates of the area. Is their neighbourhood extremely windy? Maybe hail storms last longer? After all, nobody wants property damage because of a storm.

Home inspiration: The 3-condo home owned by Jeff Bezos sits on prime real estate in New York City.

How do billionaires choose their dream home?

How big is the garage?

Most of us dream of a double garage where we can park both our BMW’s, but billionaires have different daydreams. Think along the lines of a private showroom, underground parking only the homeowners know about and a glass case. Billionaires need a safe place to park their collectables and often they need a little bit more than just a double garage!

Home inspiration: Minecraft's founder, Markus Persson's display spinner gives you the perfect view of every angle! He’s thought of the best way to show off his supercars!

How do billionaires choose their dream home?

How would you choose your dream home after winning the lottery? Comment and tell us in the comments section below.

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Posted by Leyla (27/07/2021)

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