The First Things These Lottery Winners Purchased

Everybody dreams about the very first thing they would purchase if they ever won the lottery… for these next few people, those dreams became a reality! Keep reading to find out some of the most interesting first purchases made by lottery winners.

Water Park

John and Linda Kutey won a $28.7 million Mega Millions jackpot share in 2011. Their very first purchase was Spray Park, a water slide attraction in New York, USA. The couple said that they spent over $200 000 for their shares in the water park and that they purchased it in honour of their late parents’.

Financial Trust

Lottery winner, Louise White, created a financial trust with the majority of her $336.4 million win. This lucky 81 year old purchased a rainbow sherbert ice cream before purchasing her winning lottery ticket and decided that her win was thanks to this lucky dessert. She named her trust "The Rainbow Sherbert Trust" in honour of the dessert and set up the trust to benefit her family.

The First Things These Lottery Winners Purchased

World Trip

Nigel Willets won a cool £1 million in 2014 from a lottery scratchcard. His first purchase was a trip around the world (to 12 different countries) and a vacation for 13 of his family members and friends to Florida, USA.

TV Show

19 year old lottery winner, Jonathan Vargas, won a $35.3 million US Powerball jackpot share in 2008. As expected from a 19 year old with lots of money, he spent it on something rather silly...creating a women’s wrestling TV show called ‘Wrestlicious TakeDown’. It featured scantily clad women wrestling and performing short skits. Unfortunately for him (fortunately for us!) the show only lasted one season before being cancelled.


George and Beryl Keates gifted their winnings to their family. This couple struck gold in 2012 and brought home £3.5 million, which they divvied out to family members.

"We gave £250,000 to each of our four sons, £10,000 to each of our nine grandchildren and gave some money to our sisters," they said. They also said that they still have some leftover money, some of which they use on more lottery entries.

The First Things These Lottery Winners Purchased

Political Donations

After winning $18 million in 1993, Janite Lee from South Korea used a good portion to support the country’s Democratic Party. It turns out she was a bit too charitable — her donations, coupled with gambling and credit-card debt, left her filing for bankruptcy in 2001.

Photography Studies

Charlie Lagarde opted for $1,000 a week to fund her photography studies. After winning the lottery on the first and only ticket she had ever bought, Lagarde, newly turned 18, was offered the choice of either a $1 million (£550,000) lump sum or $1,000 (£550) a week for the rest of her life. She chose the $1,000 a week, and said she wanted to use the money to travel and study photography.

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Posted by Zeljko (15/12/2019)

Well, I would first purchase a bottle of La Grande Dame to properly celebrate.

Posted by Jitendra (11/03/2020)

my all dream will come true.

Posted by Jitendra (11/03/2020)

my all dream will come true.

Posted by Leyla (9/07/2021)

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