People who have won the lotto more than once… how they play!

It might sound far-fetched, but there are a few lucky people who have won the lotto more than once. Yes - that’s right: winners who scooped a jackpot for a major lottery on two or more occasions.

Winning twice is an incredible feat. It’s not something that happens every day. In fact, it’s a rare achievement. The questions for many people is how these winners did it. What’s their secret? How do you play the lotto and win not just once, but two or more times?

Has anyone won the lottery more than once? Take a look at the following multi-jackpot winners.

Richard Lustig - Seven Wins

Richard Lustig is perhaps the most decorated lottery winner in history, having won the jackpot for major lotteries more than seven times. Lustig is so famous a lottery winner - and so prolific - that he wrote a book on how he did it.

Playing the lottery isn’t all about blind odds. According to Lustig, there’s strategy involved. In his book, he outlines how he plays and the tactics that he uses. He also gives players advice on how they can receive their winnings and the tax advantages that he employs to make sure that he takes home more of the jackpot.

Joan Ginther - Three Wins

Like Lustig, Ginther is something of a professional lotto player, having purchased an estimated 100,000 tickets throughout her lotto-playing career. Ginther won her first jackpot in 1993, and then followed up with second and third wins in 2006 and 2008.

Ernest Pullen - Two Wins

Ernest Pullen is a military veteran living in Missouri who likes to play scratchcards. In 2010 he won a jackpot of $1 million on a scratchcard.

Pullen, however, didn’t let the win go to his head. He continued with his routine of working, buying scratchcards and playing the games. Later in 2011, he purchased a second scratchcard, this time winning more than $2 million. Even so, Pullen continued working his regular desk job despite coming up to retirement age.

People who have won the lotto more than once… how they play!

How These Multi-Jackpot Winners Play

Winning more than once is an incredible achievement. So what are these player’s secrets?

Buying Lots Of Tickets

A lot of the multi-winning players that we mentioned here - as well as those who are not - said they buy lots of tickets or scratchcards. In short, they increase their odds by playing multiple times per draw. The more times a player plays, the more likely they are to win. By buying two tickets instead of one, a player doubles their odds of winning the jackpot.

Spending On Multiple Lines Each Week

Multi-jackpot winners also tend to buy multiple lines each week. Many regularly spend more than $20 per game and spread their bets around to increase their chance of winning various lotteries.

Going For The Jackpot

Most professional lottery players who win more than once, don’t bother hedging their bets by going for smaller prizes. The majority focus their efforts on winning big money. To the multi-jackpot winners, that’s the optimal strategy.

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Posted by Chitaranjen (3/09/2019)

Wow...even I too won multiple time but small amount.I am so happy. Keep playing

Posted by Prasanta (9/09/2019)

Wow! Each of the stories of the lottery winners is very exciting and interesting.

Posted by Kanhu Charan (11/09/2019)

Keep posting this type of inspiring article

Posted by Sabrina (21/09/2019)

Learning from Others. Winning a jackpot price in lotto is not only based on luck. You also need to learn the correct strategy on how to win the price.

Posted by Saransh (26/09/2019)

win only once right now..... but will soon win the huge amount....... cross figure...

Posted by Leyla (21/08/2021)

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