Could you buy all the 292 million Powerball number combinations?

The US Powerball jackpot can reach incredible amounts. In the past, it has skyrocketed beyond $930 million. It might, therefore, interest you to learn whether it’s possible to guarantee yourself a win.

Guaranteeing a lottery win has been attempted countless times before. Some people have hoped they can meditate to predict the numbers while others have tried mathematical formula.

Have you ever considered purchasing all 292 million US Powerball number combinations? Realistically, could you do this, and how much would it cost? Today we’re going to break it all down.

Could you buy all the 292 Million Powerball number combinations?

Understanding The Calculation

To win any US Powerball jackpot you need to match all 5 white balls plus the Power Ball. Players need to pick 5 numbers out of 69 and 1 Power Ball out of 26.

On any given draw day, there are exactly 11,238,513 number combinations for the five white balls. If you then multiply this by the 26 red Power balls you get a total of 292,201,338 US Powerball combinations. To make sure that you win, you’d have to buy them all.

To purchase international lottery entries online and every possible winning number combination would then mean you would need to spend millions in the hopes of winning millions. Can you imagine yourself doing this?

Is It Worth It?

It would depend on the jackpot but on occasion, even with tax taken into consideration, you would see a significant level of profit here. In fact, you could see a profit of upwards of $500 million depending on the jackpot. Not bad, but there are a few logistical issues that make this more difficult.

First, you do need to make sure that you match all the numbers. If you miss even one you could miss out which means you can’t randomly generate the numbers when you’re buying the tickets.

You could probably do this if you had a large enough organization. It would need to be sizeable though, reaching towards 200,000 employees. They would then need to dedicate a few days purchasing tons and tons of lottery entries every minute of the day.

You could do this over a grand scale too. For instance, you could form a group online and if you gathered enough people with the right funding you just might pull it off.

Could you buy all the 292 Million Powerball number combinations?

Will You Be The Only One?

You might find that there are multiple winners and this will of course, greatly reduce the level of profit that you could stand to gain. Theoretically, it might even leave you with a loss. If over 440,000,000 tickets were sold, the chances of there being a single winner are just 22%. Now, the odds aren’t quite as favourable.

There’s also the chance that a single organization gathers together with the same plan and the same resources. At this point, the endeavour won’t be worth the cost at all.

The short answer then is that buying all US Powerball combinations is a plan that might sound great on paper but ultimately wouldn’t work in practice. That’s true even if you have the cash to spend, the resources to pull it off and you don’t make a single mistake filling out the tickets.

Remember, every number combination has an equal chance of winning the jackpot. Who knows, you could have that one set of lucky numbers!

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Posted by Kanhu Charan (24/07/2019)

Buying all the tickets is like impossible for I would always suggest try to buy more than one tickets

Posted by Chitaranjen (24/07/2019)

Dont buy only one ticket, save some money try to buy atleast 4-10 tickets.Thst increases the probabaility of winning instead of buying just one ticket

Posted by Zeljko (24/07/2019)

If it would be really profitable and possible I am sure there is someone who would already be there doing it

Posted by Piotr (4/08/2019)

My favourite powerball number is 7

Posted by Leyla (16/09/2021)

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