Can Anyone Win the US Powerball Jackpot?

The great thing about playing the lottery is that it’s the great leveller- the ultimate game of chance. People come together from all corners of the globe and from all kinds of different backgrounds to try their luck and get their very own chance to become a multimillionaire.

Every lottery out there has its share of heart warming stories, and track record of irrevocably changing lives. There have been winners who have gone from rags to riches and winners who’ve gone from riches to even greater riches and eventually to rags. None of us knows how our lives will change, but all of us know that it could happen to us… That’s enough to keep us playing.

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US Powerball is absolutely no exception. This American inter-state lottery has demonstrated perhaps better than any other on the planet that anyone can win big and change their lives.

Can Anyone Win the US Powerball Jackpot?

Do you have to be American to win the US Powerball jackpot?

Nope. Not at all. While the majority of winners have been American that stands to reason since the majority of players come from within the US. Nonetheless, you can play and indeed win from the UK or anywhere else in the world. There’s no restriction on geography. Your ticket has the same chance as anyone else’s.

Let’s take a look at some of US Powerball’s most memorable winner stories. Who knows? You could find yourself adding your own name to them…

The 23 year-old who saved his family ranch

Back in June of 2009, 23 year-old Niel Wanless from Mission, South Dakota was stunned to find that he had won a massive $232 million US Powerball jackpot. The young rancher opted for the $88.5 million lump sum in order to help his struggling family whose mobile home was in danger of repossession. He also invested heavily in rejuvenating the family’s ailing ranch and replacing equipment that had become heavily worn over the years.

Can Anyone Win the US Powerball Jackpot?

The meat packers who packed in their job

In 2006 a group of workers whose job was to process hams and corned beef, split a huge $365 million US Powerball win. Three of them immediately quit their jobs while one of them, Alain Maboussou, the Congolese immigrant, planned to use the money to get his business degree. Only one of the 8 workers was a woman. When the winner was asked if she was married, she replied "No. It's all mine.".

The Florida couple who bought their very own paradise

Many lottery winners prefer to be private with their winning and what they do with them. Not so, Steve and Carolyn West of Medford, Oregon who won part of a $340 million jackpot in 2005. The Wests spent their winnings on a 6,400-square-foot home on a 6 acre plot. The mansion was complete with a hot tub, a pool and a 30-ft. water slide.

Can Anyone Win the US Powerball Jackpot?

That’s one lucky Bible!

Finally, Louise White of Newport, Rhode Island won a US Powerball jackpot of $336.4 million in 2012. She kept the winning ticket in her Bible until she could take it to a safety deposit box. She formed a trust for her family with the money which she dubbed the Rainbow Sherbert Trust. This was in honour of the frozen treat she bought herself while buying the winning ticket!

Having seen such diverse stories from such a range of winners, it really makes us remember that anyone can win. Of course, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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Posted by Chitaranjen (23/07/2019)

So true and inspiring

Posted by Kanhu Charan (23/07/2019)

Keep trying..luck God one day will bless all of us

Posted by Yakup (6/01/2020)

Şans her zaman kapınızı çalabilir.Fakir bir adam,her gün Tanrıya yalvarıyormuş,''Tanrım ne olur bana bol para ver'' diye,ama bir türlü para gelmiyormuş.Demişler ki,Tanrım kulun sana yalvarıyor duymuyormusun.Tanrı,evet duyuyorum ama,bir loto bileti alsa ,almıyorki ben ne yapabilirim. İşte görüyorsunuz,şansınızı daima zorlayacaksınız ki,bir gün size de büyük ikramiye çıksın. Yakup.

Posted by Mallikarjun (9/01/2020)

But till today no one won big money other than lottery home country

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