Lottery or Raffle? Which is really the best?

To paraphrase The Bard; A rose by any other name is still a rose. When it comes to big cash prizes a big win is a big win. What’s in a name? Seasoned players have likely played both lotteries and raffles, but they may be unclear about the distinction between the two.

When we think of raffles we tend to think of quaint charity events in which people can win prizes sourced by others while they eat cake, drink coffee and chat with those from the community… A raffle and a lottery are both similar and different in a lot of ways. Here we’ll take a look at how the two are fundamentally different as well as detailing some of the lotteries and raffles our guests can access...

Raffle vs Lotteries: How are they different?

So, what is in a name? Doesn’t both a lottery and raffle offer the chance to win big prizes? Why have a distinction at all? For starters, raffles tend to be smaller in scale. They are usually (but not always) more local with slightly more modest (and certainly more specific) prizes. A lottery is different to a raffle in a very fundamental way. A raffle has to have a winner. When a raffle draw takes place, tickets are drawn until a winner is determined. Raffles also allot specific tickets to specific prizes.

In the case of a lottery, however, it’s possible for nobody to win and for the cash prize to roll over from one week to the next. Wins can also vary in size compared to raffle wins which tend to have specific prizes. Lotteries award prizes that are proportionate to the number of tickets sold.

Lottery or Raffle? Which is really the best?

Take a look at our raffles

Remember what we said about how raffles tend to have lower prizes? Well, that dictum certainly doesn’t apply on We work hard to bring you the highest paying raffles from around the world. Just take a look at El Gordo de Navidad; Spain’s longest running Christmas Raffle. One of Spain’s oldest running traditions, this raffle is open to players from outside Spain and last year boasted an eye-watering €2.38 billion in prizes!

Alternatively, you can play the Spanish New Year Raffle- El Nino. In January of 2019 this raffle had an astonishing €700 million in prizes up for grabs.

Take a look at our lotteries

While these raffles only take place at set times in the year, we also work tirelessly to bring you the world’s best lotteries week in and week out. Some of our amazing lotteries from around the world include;

  • US Powerball - The US multi-state lottery known for its huge cash prizes
  • Mega Millions - Another American money-maker where anyone can win big
  • Euromillions - Big wins for players all over the world
  • SuperEnaMax- This Italian lottery has some incredible cash prizes
  • Keno - Like playing the lottery but at faster intervals, with draws taking place every 3 minutes.
  • And much, much more.

Whether you’re playing a raffle or a lottery, we can make sure that you have the chance to win millions and change your life forever.

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Posted by Rituraj (24/07/2019)

raffles are good for breaking your loosing stream. This is my personal experiance.

Posted by Chitaranjen (11/09/2019)

lotteriws are for big money prize , if i have change i used to play raffles

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