Who buys lottery tickets?

The lottery continues to be a popular form of entertainment across the world, and in some places, it can generate a significant amount of money for the area.

It is interesting to think about the demographics when it comes to lottery tickets and to look at the various types of people who buy lottery tickets today. Lotteries appear to be growing in popularity, with billions of dollars in revenue generated every year. So, who are the main demographics when it comes to buying lottery tickets?

Who buys lottery tickets?

The Wealthy

The idea of winning millions appeals to everyone, even those who are already wealthy! Becoming rich in an instant is something that no one can turn away from. In 2014, lottery ticket sales across the United States alone reached more than US $70 billion. Studies have revealed that the wealthy play fewer lotteries but focus on the big jackpots, meaning if they do win, the return is likely to be higher.

The Middle class

Research shows that the middle class make up the largest demographic of those who play the lottery. The promise that life-changing money is always just around the corner is an idea that we all love. With so many different lotteries to choose from, many being available at very low prices, there is more choice than ever before.


Another of the demographics who seem to have an interest in the lottery today are Millennials. The reason is clear - many have only recently turned 18, and want to capitalize on their newfound ability to be able to gamble. The lottery is a good way of experiencing the thrill of the game without spending a crazy amount of money, plus you don’t need to learn how to play any games. Millennials also dream big and have aspirations for money and success, and the lottery represents an avenue through which they believe they can achieve this.

Who buys lottery tickets?

As you can see, lottery tickets tend to have a pretty even spread, and this is perhaps why the lottery is so successful. If you’d like to spend a little and possibly win big then online lotteries are for you!

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Posted by Bertrand (5/07/2019)

Never give up on on your dreams of winning big....

Posted by Chitaranjen (25/07/2019)

Mostly middle class and lower middle class used to purchase lottery tickets

Posted by Kanhu Charan (25/07/2019)

poor people tends to buy more and having the dream of becoming rich overnight.

Posted by Leyla (3/11/2021)

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