What is a lottery roll down?

If you love playing online lottery games, then you’ve no doubt heard of rollovers. With lotteries like Mega Millions, if there’s no winning ticket, the prize fund rolls over to the next draw. Essentially, more money gets added to it!

What do you know about roll downs in lottery games? They’re somewhat similar to rollovers, but there are a few major differences.

What is a lottery roll down?

A roll down is similar to a rollover in that it only comes into effect when no winner is found. So, if there’s no winning ticket, then the money from the draw gets rolled down to the next highest prize tier.

This might sound confusing, so allow us to explain.

The top prize tier is the jackpot. This is where you match all the winning numbers and you win all the money. The tier below that is when you were one number away from matching all the winning numbers. So, in a roll down situation, if nobody wins the jackpot, then the money is rolled down to the winners below. If there are no winners here, then it gets rolled down again - and so on. This will continue until the jackpot is eventually distributed.

What is a lottery roll down?

How does a roll down work?

There are a couple of different ways that a lottery roll down works. Sometimes, the entire jackpot gets rolled down to prize tier below. Other times, the money that usually gets added onto a rollover jackpot will now be added onto the prize tier below.

Basically, the aim of a roll down is to boost the winnings for the lower prize tiers - if nobody wins the jackpot.

Do all lotteries have a roll down?

No, this isn’t a feature on every online lottery.

However, you are most likely to see one in games where there are rules on the jackpot or rollover. Some games have a cap where the jackpot can’t go over. In this scenario, if the rollovers have reached this limit, then it starts to roll down. In other games, you have rollover limits - for example, you can’t have more than 10 rollovers in a row. Again, when the limit is reached, it starts to roll down.

What are the benefits of playing roll down games?

What is a lottery roll down?

The clear benefit of playing roll down games is that you increase your chances of winning a lot of money. With a traditional lottery draw, you have to match all the numbers to get the jackpot. However, with a roll down draw, the entire jackpot could be added to the second prize tier. So, you might get one number wrong yet still win a jackpot!

So, let’s summarize everything you need to know. A rollover is where nobody wins the jackpot, so it gets added to the next draw. A roll down is where nobody wins the jackpot, so money gets given to the prize tier below - and so on, until someone wins. Some roll downs put the whole jackpot to the next winning tier while others add on the money that would’ve been added to a rollover. Not all games have a roll down, but a lot of international lottery draws do have them. If you want to play roll down lottery games, then ensure you check the game rules to understand if this rule applies!

What do you think of lottery roll downs? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Posted by Zeljko (4/06/2019)

On the last roll over in Euro Jackpot 5+1 was in millions....

Posted by Bertrand (4/06/2019)

I never knew about lottery roll downs until i read this article. Thank you !

Posted by Leyla (9/11/2021)

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