This lottery winner went from driving cabs to driving Ferrari’s

2017’s Christmas was a routine affair for families around the world, and most people were done with the fun by the time the 27th rolled around. For one man, though, life was about to change in ways he couldn’t possibly imagine, but it wasn’t his presents which he was excited about.

Instead, Amo Riselli had money on the mind. Having discovered a lottery ticket in the glove compartment of his taxi, Amo was thrilled to find that he had won £250,000 with six matching numbers, but the surprises didn’t stop there.

This lottery winner went from driving cabs to driving Ferrari’s

The National Lottery has limits set on the amount of money which can be poured into a single jackpot. In the case of Lotto draws, this cap is £22 million, and the pot will go to the winner with the best matches once it reaches this point, even if they don’t have all of the numbers. The jackpot had peaked to over £24 million on the day Amo won the draw, and he was the only contestant with six numbers for this UK lottery. This meant that the entire jackpot went to Amo, rather than the quarter of a million he thought he was lined up for.

Mr. Risellispent much of his life working as a self-employed taxi driver, dedicating himself to earning an income for his growing family. Having suffered a heart attack thanks to his 70-hour work weeks, though, it was plain to see that Amo wasn’t going to last much longer in this competitive industry. With four siblings, five daughters, and nine grandchildren, he was determined to be the breadwinner for his flock, with life being much harder since his wife passed away just four years before his big win. Seeing a single father and hardworking business owner win something like this is awe-inspiring, and very few people share the same story.

This lottery winner went from driving cabs to driving Ferrari’s

Like many people, Amo has decided to retire with the news of his win and has a chance to relax after a hard life. He plans to take his family to Las Vegas, along with providing them with places to live and security in the future. Most of all, though, Amo wants to replace his old taxi with something a lot sportier; a Ferrari. With his sharing and thoughtful approach to life, Amo makes the perfect lottery winner, and we’re sure that he’ll be using his new-found fortune to improve the lives of his family for generations to come.

A lot of people dream about what they would do if they were to win the lottery, but still, don’t go out of their way to get their hands on a ticket. You can’t win something like this if you’re not playing, though. For a person like Amo, a win like this can have a transformative effect on their life - giving them and their families access to a previously untouchable world. He acts as evidence that these jackpots are winnable, making it easier to inspire yourself with ideas of winning your way to a massive fortune.

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WOW ! Inspiring Story.

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