How to win the lottery online 101

The question on everybody’s lips right now, is “How do you win the lottery?” The truth is, there are many theories behind choosing the winning numbers!

Many have tried these concepts over the years and some have proved to be quite successful. When it comes to teaching you how to win the lottery, you need to take advice from this lottery winning statistics professor. He attempted to teach his students about how he beat the odds, picked the winning lotto numbers and won a decent sum of money.

How to win the lottery online 101

The Lottery Winning Professor

Nicholas Kapoor is a statistics professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut. His job title goes to show he knows a few things about chance and probability. So how did he use his knowledge to beat the odds?

The ticket type that Kapoor purchased for the Powerball lottery had a 1 in 913,129 chance of winning. He managed to be that lucky one who won the $100,000 prize once the draw took place in Shelton, CT.

What Are the Odds?

Apparently, the odds of winning the jackpot are around 1 in 300 million.. The odds of winning a prize of some sorts are actually quite a lot higher, at around 1 in 25. Kapoor explains:

“Somebody can beat the odds, especially when teaching about them”

“The professor side of me sticks to the numbers – but the winner in me says, it is luck”

Even after his lucky win, Nicholas Kapoor still went on to play the lottery every single week and always will! Kapoor’s students are still racking their brains as to how they can use his methods to come out on top, but he still insists that chance can sometimes work out in your favour, as long as you play the game correctly.

How to win the lottery online 101

So What if You Do Win?

Whether you beat the odds or you just land it lucky there are a few things you might want to consider if you do win the lottery.

-Make sure your ticket is signed and protected – you don’t want anybody else’s hands getting on that gold dust! When play the lottery online you don’t have to worry about this because we protect your digital ticket for you.

-Stay anonymous – even if you want to shout about your win to the high heavens, you might want to keep your big win a secret in the beginning until you think it through.

-Get a lawyer – when you’re mega rich you’re more prone to scams and begging letters, so protect yourself whilst you can.

-Give yourself a budget – knowing how much you can afford to spend each month will give you realistic expectations when it comes to making big purchases.

-Be sensible – instead of splashing out on something crazy, get your debts paid off first. Once all of your responsibilities are dealt with, then you can go wild!

Somebody has to win the jackpot after all and that could be you! With a little bit of skill and math thrown in there, beating the odds is easy!

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Posted by Kanhu Charan (30/04/2019)

Agreed with Professor sir, probability is the key for winning a lottery

Posted by Chitaranjen (30/04/2019)

Want to meet , Nicholas Kapoor sir, at least we can learn something from him. Simple Mantra: Keep playing one day luck will be your side

Posted by Zeljko (30/04/2019)

winning odds are not great but if you will not play you certainly wouldn't win

Posted by Bertrand (3/05/2019)

Thank you for the tip :-)

Posted by Leyla (4/09/2021)

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