Who plays US lotteries?

You might think that with all their riches, there are no celebrities that play US lotteries. On the contrary, you couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, reports have revealed that plenty of celebs love the lottery. Some want to win for the classic reasons and others, well, they’re a little more interesting. So, let’s dive in and discover which celebs love a good lotto flutter.

Hugh Jackman

Who plays US lotteries?

That’s right, Wolverine himself plays the lottery but not to claim the money for himself. Instead, he buys tickets for the crew on his sets. This dates back to his first big American film where he has revealed he didn’t know any of the crew members names. To correct the issue he decided to buy a lottery ticket for each person on a Friday.

But that’s not all. In 2011 a report revealed that someone was buying a lottery ticket each week for the 500 man crew of Real Steel. A film which Jackman headlined and it’s not out of the realm of reason to suggest that he was responsible.


Another generous celeb won over one hundred thousand dollars through the lottery. She didn’t keep it to herself and why should she? She made more than that on her first album. Instead, she donated all the money to build schools in Malawi. Quite generous, we’d say and one of the few who actually publicized a serious lottery win.

Simon Cowell

Some celebs have already announced they do play but if they ever won, they would keep it to themselves. Simon Cowell, the music mogul falls into this category. When he spoke to reporters, he also admitted to playing the lottery but made it clear that he would never reveal if he won millions.

Paris Hilton

Who plays US lotteries?

The hotel heiress was caught purchasing 1500 lottery tickets. Why? You’ll have to ask her that but she did say that she would pass on 10% of her winnings to charity. After all, it’s not like she needs it considering the blonde bombshell is already worth millions.

Liz Hurley

Proving that celebs can be incredibly generous, Liz Hurley, known for her roles in Gossip Girl, Bedazzled and Austin Powers purchased 500 lottery tickets back in 2010. She planned to give any winnings to help the devastation caused by the Haiti earthquake. George Clooney also bought tickets with the same plan in mind.

Woody Allen

The infamous director has admitted various times that he plays the lottery. He and his partner have agreed though that if they do win, their life won't change. They would still live in the same house and he would still continue to work. It’s true, winning the lottery doesn’t change everyone and many continue to live frugally. However, in this case, Allen is already worth an incredible $65 million so what’s a few more going to do?

As you can see then, celebs love the lottery just as much as the rest of us.

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Posted by Zeljko (9/04/2019)

I am sure that if I win a big lottery my life would change.

Posted by Chitaranjen (9/04/2019)

Yes ..buying lottery for greater good of society is also a noble thing

Posted by Kanhu Charan (9/04/2019)

Yes ..buying lottery for greater good of society is also a noble thing

Posted by Leyla (8/09/2021)

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