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Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries in the world. There’s a reason it’s also known as the mega millions and that’s because people actually win mega millions!

Powerball is set up in such a way that every time no one matches the winning numbers, the jackpot rolls over and increases. Indeed, at the time of writing this article, the current jackpot has reached a staggering $750 million. We’ll have to see who is lucky enough to claim this. For now, let’s look at some of the lucky winners of the past and explore some of their stories.

The Largest Payout Yet

In January 2016, Powerball reached an incredible $1.586 billion! With tickets sold in Tennessee, Florida and California each prize winner received a tremendous $528.8 million. One of the winners had been playing the same numbers for years before it finally paid off and gave most of the money for charity! Another brought their dog with them to claim the prize and also immediately hired a financial team to help them with the incredible finances.

From Powerball with love

A New York Chance

Yes one winner was a New York resident and was delighted to have won. He claimed that he would do ‘the right thing’ with the money he had gained. As well as this, he expressed a desire to continue to play the lottery. After all, there’s no rule to say that you can’t win again even after you have claimed over $300 million!

Grand Prix Raffle

Cindy And Mark hill

This lucky couple won a staggering $587.5 million in 2012 when winning tickets were sold in Missouri as well as Arizona. Incredibly, this couple announced that they would be using their winnings to put their relatives through college. This included their four granddaughters as well as their four nephews and nieces. Unfortunately, later on a phishing scam was discovered using the name of the couple, offering to share their winnings. This of course was fake and an attempt to claim bank account numbers.

Anonymous Wins

One jackpot was won anonymously and reached a staggering $587.5 million. Winning tickets were sold through Texas, North Carolina as well as Puerto Rico. This is perhaps why the jackpot can climb so high. Tickets can be purchased anywhere in the world and can be claimed as long as they are bought legally.

From Powerball with love

In 2018 another individual claimed a $1.537 million prize. All we know is that she was a resident of South Carolina. She quickly hired a lawyer and asked through them for her anonymity to be respected. Interestingly, the women decided to claim the lump sum and after-tax received $878 million! Her lawyer did reveal that she would be donating money to a number of charities including the Hurricane Katrina relief fund.

Finally, on March 27 2019, another individual winner was lucky enough to be the sole carrier of a ticket with all the winning numbers. They currently have the choice to either claim the one lump time sum which would amount to $477 million or claim the annuity of $768.4 million over 29 years.

Which one would you pick it was you?

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