What Lottery Tickets To Buy Online

When choosing to buy lottery tickets online, you may be surprised to learn that there are multiple types of ticket you can buy. Gone are the days of a single lottery. Instead, you can choose from a range of different lotteries and decide which one may suit your budget best. Below, we’ve provided an overview of the most popular lotteries on PlayHugeLottos.com, so you can be sure of finding a lottery that suits your preferences every time.

US Powerball

US Powerball is a simple lottery that has become increasingly popular with online players. The draw relies on two machines that draw two different sets of lotto numbers.

White numbers - players must select five numbers from a possible 69

The red Powerball number - players must choose one number from a possible 26

The potential prizes depend on how many numbers you can match. For example, if you match the Powerball only, the prize is $4; if you match four numbers and the Powerball, the prize is $50,000, while all five numbers and the Powerball equals the jackpot. The odds of winning the big prize are around 1 in 292 million, which is excellent in lottery terms.

US Powerball is an excellent choice for players who are hoping for significant jackpots, as the main jackpot rolls over every week.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions works in a similar way to US Powerball, with two different ball sets used in each draw.

The “main” numbers - players must select five numbers from a possible 70

The Mega Ball number - players must select one number from 1-25

Thanks to rollovers, Mega Millions holds the record for the second largest jackpot ever. In October 2018, the jackpot rose to over $1.5 billion. While the odds of winning Mega Millions are around 1 in 302 million, you don’t need a perfect match to win big - match four regular balls and the Mega Ball, for example, and you’ll win a massive $10,000.


SuperEna Max

SuperEna Max is an excellent choice for those looking for a more traditional, single ball set lottery game.

To play - players must select six numbers from a possible 90

In the draw, six main numbers are picked; match all of these and you’ll receive a guaranteed jackpot of at least €115 million, though this can roll over and lead to bigger wins. In addition to the main six numbers, a seventh number - known as the “jolly” number - is selected; match five numbers and the jolly, and you’ll win €1 million. While the odds of winning the total six-number jackpot are relatively high - 1 in 622 million - the odds of matching five numbers and the jolly number are far lower, at just 1 in 103 million. These odds make SuperEna Max a great choice if you’re hoping for a significant win.

Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto is a fantastic Australian lottery that is easy and fun to play, with a number of prize divisions available.

To play - players need to select seven balls from a possible 45

To win the jackpot, you must match all seven numbers - though the odds of doing so are an impressive 1 in 45 million. In addition, two bonus balls are drawn, which are known as “supplementary numbers”. The supplementary numbers contribute to the additional prize divisions, which vary in amount, but can be significant. Overall, Oz Lotto is a great choice for those seeking fantastic odds on the possibility of winning the biggest prize of all.

When you have selected the type of lottery you wish to play, all that’s left to do is buy your lottery tickets online, sit back and wait for the draw to take place. Good luck!

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Posted by Kanhu Charan (15/03/2019)

Good...I always used to buy the Powerball,mega and superena....as they have offers

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Thanks for the info

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