The best lottery numbers for the best lottery result

Picking lottery numbers isn’t necessarily as straightforward as you might initially imagine. At the end of the day, everyone takes their own approach and the best approach for someone else might not feel like the best approach for you.

Some people will go for a quick pick time and time again, leaving chance in fate’s hands. But if you’re planning on actually choosing your own numbers, you might want to try to incorporate some reasoning behind your decisions. Sure, you could just go for a random assortment of numbers, selecting different boxes at random. But if you’re more pragmatic, chances are that you’re here to look for a technique that is a little more logical. To satisfy your needs, let’s take a look through some of the most commonly drawn numbers, some frequently drawn numbers, and the least commonly drawn numbers in the average lotto result.

The Most Commonly Drawn And Best Lottery Numbers

Let’s start out with the most commonly drawn lottery numbers ie the best lottery numbers. This, after all, is a good place to start. If they’ve been drawn more times than their usual average, you might want to try your odds at them being drawn again.

41 - forty one ranks in at the most commonly drawn lottery number. If you’re remotely interested in spiritual numerology, you’ll know that 41 is an angel number, representing personal freedom and the potential to build a secure foundation for the future. This is pretty apt for a prime lottery winning number, as the extra cash could provide you with both of these things!

40 - coming in second place, we have the number 40. This is a relatively Biblical number, as the Bible resorts to forty when starting a new chapter. In day to day life, winning the lottery really would open a new chapter in your life and it seems that the number 40 will give you the best lottery result.

30 - third is number 30! This number is associated with advancement and expansive development.

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Frequently Drawn Numbers

49 - the number forty nine rolls into third place. 49’er is a term used to refer to participants of the 1849 California gold rush, so there are connections to wealth here!

14 - fourteen is yet another commonly drawn number. Many cultures associate the number thirteen with bad luck, so skip to fourteen in favour. It could prove particularly lucky if it falls into your lottery numbers.

22 - twenty two is supposed to represent taking your dreams and turning them to reality. Perfect for a winning number that could bring you fortunes!

The Least Drawn Numbers of All Time

33 - thirty three is the least commonly drawn lottery number of all time. In regards to numerology, it is considered a master number that resonates at a higher frequency than others - maybe that’s why we can’t quite grab it.

28 - the second least commonly drawn number is twenty eight. So why the bad luck? Well, 28 is associated with challenges and stiff competition. It’s not looking too good all round!

50 - fifty seems to be yet another unlucky number. In the Kabbalah, there are 50 gates of impurity, so there isn’t great imagery surrounding this number in general.

Of course, at the end of the day, the chances of any given number being drawn will fall down to sheer chance. But it’s always interesting to look at averages and patterns that have established themselves over time!

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yes...these are cold numbers. Thanks for confirming

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