Winning The UK Lotto Jackpot Without Matching All Six Balls

There’s nothing quite like the idea of winning the lottery. Ask most people what they would do, and they’ll say that they would jet off to some far-flung land to enjoy the warm climate, buy themselves a fabulous mansion, and drive a sports car - in short, live a life of luxury.

Winning the lottery, therefore, is the aim of the game. But how? It turns out, thanks to changes in the rules governing the Lotto Jackpot, that there are ways of cashing in without needing to match all six balls.

Winning The UK Lotto Jackpot Without Matching All Six Balls

Must-Be-Won Jackpots

Euromillions is a popular European lottery. Every week, players from all over the region have to match five main balls and two lucky stars. Even though tens of millions of people play the game, it is regularly the case that nobody matches all seven balls, and so the jackpot rolls over to the next month, with the previous week's prize money added to the rolling total.

But in the UK, the rules are changing. Rather than the jackpot rolling over, the lottery will now award the top prize money on a weekly basis if no players match all six balls.

So how does it work? The basic idea is this: if no player matches all six balls, then the jackpot will be shared by all players who match three main balls and up.

The new concept is being dubbed “Must-Be-Won” draws, meaning that all jackpot prize money will be distributed to people who play in that particular week. Not everybody plays the lottery every week, and so the new setup may be more equitable to current players.

The Distribution Of Jackpots

The new rules will distribute jackpot winnings among players who successfully match balls as percentages of the total jackpot fund. Players will be split into four tiers.

First-tier players - those who match all six balls - will share in the jackpot in the usual way. If no first-tier player nets the jackpot that week, then the winnings will be shared among the following tiers.

Second-tier players, those who match five main balls and the Bonus ball, will receive 3 per cent of the total jackpot winnings.

Third-tier players, those who match five main balls, will receive 6 per cent of the jackpot.>

Fourth-tier players who match four main balls will be allocated 17 per cent of the jackpot as a group.

And finally, those who match three balls will share the remaining 74 per cent of the jackpot. Remember, even though the percentage of the jackpot awarded is much lower for those with more matched balls, the individual winnings are likely to be higher because few people successfully match more balls.

Winning The UK Lotto Jackpot Without Matching All Six Balls

Will It Be A Success?

The new UK Lotto method has already been trialled in Germany with a lot of success. Three players won three million euros each, even though they didn’t match all of the numbers in the draw. The same winnings are available now to UK Lotto players, meaning that they can win without having to match all balls.

Are you as excited about this announcement as we are? Play the UK Lottery online now!

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