What banks do lottery winners use?

Every week millions of players across the country dream of winning the lottery. They think about all they would buy with their winnings from outlandish ideas like a luxury speedboat to more conservative fantasies of paying off all debs. But what happens when the dreams of these players come true? Where do they keep all the money that suddenly fills pockets?

What banks do lottery winners use?Well, it certainly isn’t carried around all day. Nope, just like anyone else players trust the banks to look after it. This is hardly surprising because when someone wins hundreds of millions, it’s not expected that they’ll tape it inside their toilet system. But what banks do the players turn to?

Is There A Special Bank?

Surprisingly, there is no special bank that players can turn to once they have won that great grand prize. There’s no building with doors made of gold and no shining ticket that grants them access to an insane level of security that most people will never see. These players certainly don’t suddenly discover the secret whereabouts of Gringotts in London! No, players tend to use the same banks as everyone else with one remarkable difference?

Special Teams

It’s important to be aware that these teams aren’t exclusively for lottery winners. Rather these special individuals tend to appear out of thin air whenever someone wants to place a large sum of money in an account like say, the winnings of the Euro Millions? They help make sure that players get everything they need and even advise them on how to invest their money or aid them in setting up a special account.

What banks do lottery winners use?Great Interest

Players don’t tend to come forward after they have won the lottery so it’s hard to know exactly where they put all that money. However, those that do seem to lean towards the banks with the biggest interest rates for obvious reasons. These banks often specialised in accounts where individuals can get great interest rates when they pour insane amounts of money into the system.

The Favoured Bank?

Supposedly, the favoured bank is Coutts which is used by the Queen. But there are other banks that are used by the rich and the famous that no doubt catch the eye of those who suddenly accumulate large amounts of money from winning the lottery. Big names like Citibank offer fantastic perks for those who can donate a minimum of £75,000 into their bank each month. Of course, other banks used by the common man will offer special options like RBS black. The fee is more than affordable for a lottery winner and provides 0.1 percent interest on funds between £1,000 and £9,999.

Why are these exclusive to lottery winners? Well, they’re not, they’re exclusive to the rich because they often come with hefty fees. It’s just that players who have won the lottery are far more likely to be able to afford these fees and so gravitate towards these options. It also helps that regardless of what bank a player steps into after winning, there will always be a team ready to help them find the perfect place for their money. Hint: one of the accounts that their bank offers!

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Posted by Kabo (22/11/2018)

Maybe PHL should have its own bank. LOL

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (23/11/2018)

We love this idea!

Posted by Kabo (23/11/2018)

Might not be a crazy idea.

Posted by Kabo (24/11/2018)

Another crazy idea would be if PHL had its own lottery.

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (26/11/2018)

Hi Kabo, we had the same thought a while ago! We're one of the very few websites that offer Mega Millions Max, Powerball Plus and SuperEnaMax. You can trust us to bring you exclusive jackpots.

Posted by Kabo (26/11/2018)

I do trust you guys, that's why I have been loyal for a couple of years.

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