How to win a US Powerball jackpot

Richard Lustig from Orlando has won the lottery more than seven times during his life. That’s an astonishing feat. But is it really all just luck? Has the universe smiled on Lustig and determined that he should have the lion’s share of winnings? Or can we learn something from him?

Lustig certainly isn’t a believer in luck. In fact, he rails against the idea that there is anything other than random chance that determines lottery winners. He doesn’t think there are any spooky or supernatural ways to influence the lottery result. Instead, he says that people need to think rationally and empirically about how to improve their chances of winning the next time you play US Powerball online. 

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So what can you do to improve your odds of winning the US Powerball jackpot?

How to win a US Powerball jackpotAvoid Sequences That Have Come Up Already

If US Powerball is a series of independent games, then it shouldn’t make a difference which numbers you choose from week to week, even if those numbers already came up. But Lustig says that this isn’t the case: people who are serious about winning should do their research and avoid choosing past winning US Powerball numbers. He suggests using online tools to research winning combinations so that they can be avoided.

Buy Lots Of Tickets

Lustig knows that the key to winning, whether you play US Powerball online or not, is to buy as many tickets as possible. He goes as far as to say buy as many as you can afford. With more tickets, you’ll have more chances to win. He suggests sticking with the same ten or so combinations from week to week, if you play consistently, only dropping a sequence if it succeeds.

How to win a US Powerball jackpotChoose A Spread Of Numbers

Data from past winning sequences suggests that the vast majority are spread across the range of potential numbers. It’s a good idea, therefore, to avoid picking six numbers between 1 and 20, because the real world data shows that sequences with a wider spread tend to win. It is, therefore, far better to choose numbers from across the entire spectrum.

Pool Tickets

If you don’t mind sharing your winnings with other people, you can try pooling tickets. By doing this, you can buy lots of tickets without having to spend the money yourself.

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Posted by Zeljko (4/11/2018)

I am doing some of this things for some time .... maybe I will also win something big....

Posted by Kabo (4/11/2018)

Great tips

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