Immigrant wins lottery - twice

Winning the lottery is a dream shared by millions. And while those dreams do come true for thousands of players each year, very few get to experience that euphoria twice - until now!

One Canadian citizen has done just that thanks to two massive jackpot wins in quick succession. Perhaps more incredibly, the west African worker managed to land those life-changing wins less than two years after migrating to the Great White North.

It is undoubtedly one of the greatest lotto stories ever told.

Immigrant wins lottery - twiceLucky Players Hits Double Delight In The Same Year!

When Melhig Melhig relocated to Winnipeg in 2016, he did so with hopes of securing a better life. Little did the 28-year-old know that everything would change beyond his wildest dreams within the space of two years – and it’s all thanks to twin wins on two different lottery scratchcards.

The first of those two wins, which have both been confirmed by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, came in April as he revealed the jackpot to scoop a $1.5m prize. While anybody, Melhig included, would be more than happy with that huge triumph, his luck hadn’t ended there. In fact, his luck was about to hit new levels altogether.

Less than five months after landing the first win, Melhig won yet another jackpot – this time to the tune of $2m. When coupled with the April profit, the August victory took his overall winnings to a massive $3.5m.

Three-and-a-half MILLION!

Melhig has put the money to good use, spending the winning from his first ticket on a new home for his wife and children while also putting some aside for their future. He has announced plans to buy a business with the second. He also wants to invest in developing his English skills further and learning a valuable trade such as carpentry.

How Did Melhig Manage To Win Twice?

While Melhig’s story is certainly one of good fortune, it is worth noting that he had kept the odds in his favour by choosing scratchcards over traditional lottery games. While winning the lotto once is certainly possible, a twin win is far more likely on instant cash games.

Moreover, a lot of winners on traditional lotteries are guilty of losing their tickets or forgetting to check their numbers. Lottery officials confirm that millions of prizes – albeit primarily small ones – are left unclaimed every single year. When you play the lottery online this won't happen because we will inform you of any win you might have.

Perhaps most notable, Melhig was able to clinch his double victory through sheer bravery. While most winners are happy to call it a day after one winner, the west-African continued to ride the wave of good luck. They say that fortune favours the brave, and this is surely one of life’s greatest ever examples.

The lesson here, then, is that you’ve got to be in it to win it. At, players can take advantage of various instant win games to hopefully land the jackpot. Whether it’s once, twice, or three times, those sums of money can change a life forever.

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Posted by Zeljko (27/10/2018)

Very good for him. It is nice when a winner is somebody who really needs money.

Posted by Leyla (28/09/2021)

Good news

Posted by Leyla (30/09/2021)

Good news

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