Lottery strategy that helps players win

If you've ever tried hot and cold numbers to help you win the lottery, then here's another strategy for you try - numerology.

Lottery strategy that helps players winNumerology

The first strategy that a lot of players might not be aware of is the aspect of numerology. Yes, that is correct. A lot of players pick their birthday numbers when they enter the lottery. This is part of an age-old practice called numerology which goes back in time from when the cradle of civilization began in Babylon. It is a practice based on numerological calculations.

When players play the lottery online, they base their lottery ticket strategies on the concept of numerology because that practice has a lot of significance in the state of affairs in the world to this day. There’s a reason why you see many architects skip out on the number 13 when they are assigning the floors on the buildings they design.

Certain numbers always seem to pop up in everybody’s life. They can be phone numbers, addresses, or anniversary dates. The birthday numbers are the most commonly used ones by players getting their lottery tickets and it is a good alternative strategy to use.

There are two types of birthday numbers that players should be aware of – the primary and the secondary numbers. Each of these is calculated in a particular way.

Primary Numbers

The primary numbers are a source of a lot of disagreement among numerologists. There is a debate as to which one of the birth numbers carry more significance. Essentially, players consider their primary number to be the most influential one. The primary number applies to them in every aspect of their life from birthdays, anniversaries to important events in their lives. Determining the primary number is actually very easy.

If a player is born on the 17th of November in 1950, the primary number is 8 because 1+7=8. If the player is born on the 8th of November in 1950, the number is still going to be 8.

Lottery strategy that helps players winSecondary Number

The secondary number is also considered by numerologists to be of great importance. Players will find it slightly more challenging to determine compared to their primary number.

The numerical values of the month, the day and the year of their birth is added up and then reduced from within itself.

For instance, if a person is born on the 12th of June, 1950, they will go about it like this:

12 will be reduced to 1 + 2 = 3

June will be = 6

1950 will be 1 + 9 + 5 + 0 = 15

Adding all of these would be 3 + 6 + 15 = 24

After reducing 24 into a single digit through 2 + 4 = 6

The person’s secondary number will be 6.

It Keeps Things Interesting

A lot of people might find this superstitious but it is bound to be a better way to increase the chances of winning a lottery. Players like to help their chances of actually winning something big when it comes to the lotteries. It only makes sense that there are a lot of them willing to use their primary and secondary numbers to help their chances. Numerology is a practice that has been around for as long as civilization itself.

Will you use this as a lottery strategy?

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Posted by Ildefonso (7/10/2018)

You can't win,if you don't play however.

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (8/10/2018)

Exactly Ildefonso, you have to play the game to win it!

Posted by Samson (7/01/2019)

Any numbers will win you little only that day you are lucky.

Posted by Leyla (25/11/2021)

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