These are the luckiest numbers in lottery history

Strictly speaking, every number in the lottery has the exact same chance of winning. However, not all numbers have won an equal amount of times of being drawn. So, a study has been done to look into how often numbers have been drawn across a whole host of different lottos.

These are the luckiest numbers in lottery history

One study in 2017 looked at a bunch of different lotteries and picked out the numbers that won the most often. There were fifteen lotteries tested overall. These includied the Irish Lottery, EuroMillions, Australian lottery and many more across eight different countries. Here are the numbers the study found to be the luckiest:


Drawn 191 across all fifteen lotteries that were part of the study, 16 have been deemed the luckiest number of them all. In number trivia, base 16, also known as the hexadecimal system, is the basis of most computer science, representing the numbers 0-6 and the letters A-F.


The second luckiest number in the lotto is 22. According to the mystic practice of numerology, it’s the most powerful number of all with an ability to turn dreams into reality. It’s also the only palindromic number on the list, meaning that it reads the same going forward as it does read backwards.

28 & 37

These two numbers were tied for third place. Game theorists subscribe to the notion that choosing higher numbers is always a smart move. Theoretically, your chances of drawing any number should be exactly the same. However, even if that is true, choosing higher numbers yields more wins. This is because people tend to choose numbers that relate to the dates of birth, with 1-12 being the most commonly picked. This means that, if you win, you have fewer people to share your jackpot with.

These are the luckiest numbers in lottery history


Number 6 was the fifth most picked ball in the fifteen lotteries that were looked at by the study. Number 6 is also considered to be extremely lucky in China, with businesses often displaying it to attract good fortune.


Three is considered the number of perfection in many cultures. It’s another lucky number in China, as well as being a representative of the perfect being in many religions, including the Bible. It’s only the sixth lucky number in the study, however.

The unluckiest numbers

The study looked at which numbers were picked the most, but also those numbers that were picked the least. They are as follows: 18, 46, 32 and 36.

Some players may avoid these numbers, seeing as they have been picked the least. However, if you follow game theory, you can pick these numbers that are more likely to be avoided. Your chances of winning should stay the same, but your share of any jackpot you win will be bigger.

So, how should you pick your lottery numbers?

Now that you know what the luckiest and unluckiest numbers are, should you pick these? Or should you stick to the numbers you believe will win you that coveted jackpot prize?

With the convenience of playing online, you could always try both techniques! As this study has already show, 16, 22, 28, 37, 6, and 3 are some of the luckiest numbers in the lottery industry. However, there are many lottery players around the world who have proven that playing your same lottery numbers could be worth a shot.

One man from Canada won a massive $60 million jackpot after he played the same numbers for 30 years. One of the most famous lottery winners, Richard Lustig, also swears by this technique. Not only has Richard Lustig won the lottery because of playing the same numbers, but he's won one of the highest jackpots in US Powerball history. To make this lottery winner even more notable, he's also won the lottery multiple times! Thanks to Lustig's winning techniques, he has also released a book explaining how he won using the same numbers, and how other players can win too.

What logic you choose to pick your numbers is entirely up to you, at the end of the day. But if you’re stuck for inspiration, borrowing a little luck from the study of the most-picked numbers of all isn’t a bad idea at all. Put it to the test, play the lottery online today! 

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Posted by Zeljko (27/07/2018)

Good to know. I never played any of the luckiest numbers. Maybe I will try

Posted by Debashish D (31/07/2018)

"Strictly speaking, every number in the lottery has the exact same chance of winning"....I truly believe in this.

Posted by Zeljko (31/07/2018)

Today I played one of the luckiest numbers, now we will see....

Posted by Leyla (8/12/2021)

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