Should You Play The Lottery Numbers You Dream About?

Unless you constantly opt for random lottery numbers, you probably have a reason behind your choice of numbers. Perhaps you pick numbers to honour a loved one, or maybe it's because you simply like some numbers more than others… but what about choosing the numbers you dream about?

At first glance, the idea of dreaming about specific lottery numbers might sound rather odd - but it’s more likely than you might think. Studies have shown that 9.6% of people dream about winning the lottery and, from there, it’s surely not such a huge skip to dreaming about specific numbers.

The difference between dreams and precognition

Should You Play The Lottery Numbers You Dream About?When deciding if you should play the lottery numbers that you have dreamt about, it’s important to separate a few lines of thinking. Firstly, why are you dreaming about those numbers? Is it precognition - i.e. you’re dreaming about the future - or is it just chance?

Realistically, it’s almost certainly just chance. Our dreams are our mind’s way of filtering through information we have gathered during the day. Furthermore, sleep has a huge role to play in the retention of memories. It is therefore likely that when you dream about specific lottery numbers, you’re not actually dreaming about lottery numbers specifically - you’re dreaming about the number, and your brain is slotting it into a lottery setting.

For example, if you finished a task at work 45 minutes early, you might dream about 45 being included in winning lottery numbers.

Winners who have won big after dreaming about the lottery

There might not be evidence that precognition exists, but that does not mean that dreaming about winning lottery numbers can’t be useful. There have been numerous cases of people who have dreamt about winning the lottery; people who went on to win the jackpot. For example:

  • Deanna Simpson dreamt that her brother, who had passed away, told her that she would win the lottery in 1998; Deanna won £4.5 million the same year.
  • In 2006, Mary Wollens dreamt she would win the lottery. She went on to win a share of a jackpot that totalled $16 million.
  • Olga Beno dreamt about winning lottery numbers in 1986. In 2017, she won CAD $5.4 million.

Winners who have won big after dreaming about the lotteryWere these cases of precognition? Perhaps, but it’s difficult to verify. What we can conclude is that all three women dreamt about winning the lottery, so they played the lottery - and this is the key component. You have to play the lottery to win the lottery, and while the debate over foresight is eternal, we can say that all three of these winners were reminded to play the lottery by their dreams, did so, and won. Perhaps this is your reminder to play the lottery online today! 

The key takeaway here, then, is not about whether you should play the lottery numbers you dream about - you can, if you so choose, but without evidence that dreams can come true, we can’t say this will guarantee a jackpot. However, we can definitively say that dreaming about the lottery and this causing you to remember to actually play the lottery online is definitely useful. After all, you can’t win a jackpot if you haven’t remembered to buy a ticket!

Final thoughts

While you may not dream specifically of the winning lottery numbers, you can still see your dreams as a helpful remember to play an online lottery and thus give yourself a chance of winning. If you want to choose the numbers you dreamt about, then go for it - but remember, they are no more likely to win than numbers chosen at random. However, the fact you’re playing at all is what matters. Good luck!

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Posted by Zeljko (21/07/2018)

I am still playing some of them but did not win anything.

Posted by Debashish D (27/07/2018)

good info

Posted by Leyla (9/12/2021)

Thanks for the info!

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