Which lucky charm will help you win the lottery?

A little luck never hurt anyone.

You've been following number statistics, hot, cold and drawn numbers, but nothing. You’re still waiting to win big. Maybe it’s time to relook your playing strategy and we have just the right tip for you. We found a few lucky charms from around the world to welcome lady lucky to your doorstep. Can you find your local lucky charm in the list?

Which lucky charm will help you win the lottery? A Nazar Amulet

Where did it originate? Turkey

“If looks could kill” is more than just a catchphrase. According to history books, this specific phrase originated in the Middle East, particularly in countries like Turkey and surrounding areas.

These citizens are strong believers in the ‘evil eye’ and believe that curses are projected through a jealous look. Middle Eastern superstition says that the eye in the oval-shaped Nazar necklace is meant to look like an unblinking eye. This eye is then meant to offer protection to anyone giving you mysterious and unwanted looks.

A Rabbit’s foot

Where did it originate? 600BC Europe

Ever spotted a rabbit’s foot on famous television shows like Game of Thrones or Vikings and wondered why they were there? According to ancient Celtic folklore, a rabbit’s foot is lucky because of their homes. Deep underground burrows meant these little animals were closer to the spirits in the underground and therefore the gods. Lady Luck? These Celtics had Zeus himself on their side.

The four-leaf clover

Where did it originate? Ireland

The home of green and gold, Ireland, is also known for leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. These vibrant leaves are a common symbol of luck, but did you know they also symbolize faith, hope and love!

Many think that it’s popular movies and television shows that made this leaf a famous symbol, but its origin can actually be traced back to 1877. An 11-year-old girl wrote a letter to St. Nicholas Magazine asking “Did the fairies ever whisper in your ear, that a four-leaf clover brought good luck to the finder?”. It was those words that introduced the idea that these pretty plants bring luck to whoever finds them.

Did you know that SuperEna Max has a four-leaf clover as their logo? If you’re feeling lucky this is where we need to go.

Which lucky charm will help you win the lottery? Ladybugs

Where did it originate? Germany and Belgium

Most nature lovers would say that ladybugs are pretty unique, but did you know that Germany and Belgium believe them to be lucky?

In German they’re called Glueckskaefer which directly translates to ‘lucky bugs’. Though nothing beats Belgium and their beliefs of this tiny insect being the messenger of marriage. They believe that if a ladybug crawls across a woman’s hand she’ll be married soon. Legends from Europe aren’t too far from what those in Belgium believe. Their superstitions explain that if a woman and man spot a ladybug together, they’re destined to fall in love.

Looking for love? Try spotting some ladybugs to meet the one then play the lottery to pay for your wedding!

Did we include your local lucky charm in the list? Or do you have a special lucky charm of your own?

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Posted by PRADIP (20/06/2018)

GOD help also lucky charm to win the lottery.

Posted by Zeljko (21/06/2018)

My lucky charm was not nice to me for a long time, I did not won anything in last few months. Just loosing vouchers....

Posted by PRADIP (23/06/2018)

"target" , is my lucky charm.

Posted by PRADIP (24/06/2018)

if lots of challenge is ahead, i.e., also lucky charm to take risk in lottery.

Posted by Zeljko (25/06/2018)

Today i found a four leaf clover. Let see will it do something nice for me.

Posted by PRADIP (26/06/2018)

charming will be , after winning huge amount in my bank a/c.

Posted by Zeljko (26/06/2018)

Four leaf clover did not work for me this time. Maybe tomorrow will.

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (27/06/2018)

Maybe next time Zeljko! Fingers crossed!

Posted by PRADIP (30/06/2018)

if liability is ahead, then it will be lucky charm.

Posted by Zeljko (3/07/2018)

Thanks. I will have to find some. Last time I won anything was months ago....

Posted by PRADIP (4/07/2018)

if any serious problem at anybody's life, then money will come through lottery !!

Posted by Leyla (16/12/2021)

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