The best lottery winner stories in history

These are not your average winner stories.

A common lottery winner story is a tale of riches to rags. A sudden influx of money gives people the urge to splurge and very few can resist it. But who can blame them? With millions sitting in their bank account ready and waiting to be spent, it’s easy to buy a new car, new home and everything else you’ve ever dreamed of. If you follow lottery winner stories like this you’ll know that these winners often lose everything very quickly. But here are 4 lottery winner stories that will make you smile because they’re just so heart-warming.

Deana Sampson won £5,439,681 in October 1996 and became a businesswoman

Deana Sampson won £5,439,681 in October 1996 and became a businesswomanWith a council house to call home and struggling to make ends meet, £5,439,681 was everything that Deana Sampson could hope for.

Deana saw the opportunity for what it was and made her business insight work for her. She invested her prize in an online lingerie business, bar and the restaurant industry. Besides her lottery win setting her up for life, she now also has financial security as her smart decisions and money savvy ways earned her a sizable rental property portfolio!



Mark Brudenell won £916,915 in February 1997 and started his own company

Mark Brudenell won £916,915 in February 1997 and started his own companyAs a chemical tank driver at the time, Mark and his wife could not imagine that their lives would soon change. But that’s exactly what happened in February 1997 when the couple won close to a million pounds in the lottery.

The couple invested most of their money into starting their own business and they’ve been running a successful double glazing business for over a decade.


Roy Gibney won £7,500,000 in July 1998 and gave back to the community

Roy Gibney won £7,500,000 in July 1998 and gave back to the communityA £7,500,000 win was exactly what Roy needed to quit his job as a sheet metal worker and start the next chapter of his life. His win was perfectly timed too, as he was approaching retirement so the jackpot could not have come sooner.

Roy opened his own sheet metal company with a friend and ex-colleague, invested in a number of properties in Grimsby, Nairn and a luxury villa in Cyprus just to spoil himself. Roy’s constructive use of his jackpot didn’t end with these accomplishments though. He also gave back to the community and has supported many charities in running fishing days and dressing up as Father Christmas for the local hospital just to bring some joy to others.


Eloise Heard won £1,346,840 in December 2011 and became one of the UK’s youngest winners

Eloise Heard won £1,346,840 in December 2011 and became one of the UK’s youngest winnerAt nineteen years old, Eloise Heard from Colchester became one the UK’s richest teenagers and lottery winners when she walked away with just over £1 million. This teenager was working at Co-Op at the time of her win and used her jackpot prize to build her mobile beauty business. Eloise was not the only one who benefited from her win as her prize money also helped her husband establish an online company.

Are you ready to add your name to the list of best lottery winner stories in history? Pick the lottery of your choice and you could walk away with millions. Play now here!

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Posted by Thinh (2/06/2018)

Thanks for the info!

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very interesting also.

Posted by Thinh (5/06/2018)

Great stories!

Posted by PRADIP (6/06/2018)

i pray to GOD, only want to win 1 m $ , then i will be happy.

Posted by PRADIP (7/06/2018)

really, it's encouraging.

Posted by PRADIP (9/06/2018)

people must learn about their story.

Posted by PRADIP (10/06/2018)

how fortunate they all r !!

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GOD help and self patience is necessary.

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it's also encourageable.

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people r in this world, to create new records......

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