Players who thought they won the lottery but actually didn’t

You open your email and there it is, the winning numbers are the same numbers you played. You can already see your life changing as you mentally prepare to spend those millions. But then reality sets in!

For lottery players, there’s probably nothing worse than playing and not winning the jackpot, but some players have been through even worse. These three players thought they won but actually didn't.

Insufficient funds cost couple millions

Insufficient funds cost couple millionsThe last thing loyal UK Lotto players thought, was that a mobile app would stand in their way to winning millions.

On December 23, 2015, UK couple Edwina and David Nylan used the Lotto mobile app to purchase their tickets - the same app they’ve been using for years. When Edwina tried to complete her purchase she noticed she had insufficient funds and topped up. She was certain the purchase was complete and patiently waited for the draw the next day.

The couple couldn’t believe what they were seeing! Their numbers matched the winning numbers. They were now millionaires with £35 million more in their bank account!

Edwina wasted no time collecting her prize - and was then faced with terrible news. UK National Lottery had no record of her ticket purchase or a proof of payment that Edwina topped up her account.

While the Nylan’s were devastated by the news, Edwina was quick to admit that she never received a confirmation email of a successful purchase. It turns out she was too busy with Christmas festivities to check her emails. It could have been a merrier Christmas if she topped up her account before she played online.

Moral of the story, always add funds to your account before you try to purchase your tickets. Or simply top-up your account now!

Granny the fraudster

Granny the fraudster48-year-old Susanne Hinte, a grandmother of four, saw an opportunity and took it.

On January 9, 2016, UK Lotto’s jackpot hit a record-breaking £66 million and there were only two winning tickets! Hinte walked into the local Camelot offices claiming to be one of those winners and handed over a bleached out ticket, saying that she accidentally washed it in the pocket of her jeans.

While lottery tickets are accidentally washed all the time, what really made the officials suspicious, was that all the important info like draw date, barcode, etc was washed out and unreadable, but the winning numbers on the ticket were untouched. The odds of only certain sections of the ticket washing out were less than actually winning the jackpot. If Hinte was trying to convince the officials that she was the winner, this strategy wasn’t working.

This grandmother’s shot at millions was quickly put to rest when the real winner turned up with an unwashed ticket.

Hinte still insists that she did not tamper with the ticket, but once fraud charges were brought up Hinte promised to never buy another lottery ticket after her bad experience.

You could never wash your winning lottery ticket when you play online. Pick the lottery of your choice now.

Winner spends the money before she has it

Winner spends the money before she has itWhen EuroMillions drew in February 2014, a local from the Besancon area in Eastern France thought she won big!

She wasted no time heading into luxurious designer boutiques found throughout France and spent three weeks spoiling herself. During her binge, she managed to spend €4,000 on designer clothes, jewels, perfumes, and a purse. But her family was worried and asked her to double check the ticket before she spent a cent more. Turned out the ticket was a dub and while she had a designer bag, she had no money to pay for it.

Then things took a turn for the worse. Instead of admitting to her mistake and paying for her lavish purchases, this lottery player claimed that her designer purse, which just so happened to contain all her other purchases, was stolen so she couldn’t pay for them.

She was then charged with fraud, found guilty and was given a four-month prison sentence. She was also obliged to pay back her debt in full. If she simply double checked her ticket she could have avoided all of this.

The lesson; play online because we’ll always email you or call you to congratulate you on any winnings you walk away with!

Ready to become a real winner? Pick the jackpot you’d like to see in your bank account and play today!

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Posted by Thinh (30/05/2018)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by PRADIP (30/05/2018)

lost their hope !!

Posted by PRADIP (31/05/2018)

when i m investing my hard earned money, then i hope for winning sizeable amount.

Posted by PRADIP (1/06/2018)

hope is future.

Posted by PRADIP (4/06/2018)

when people buying lottery tickets, they also think i will be future sizeable amount winner.

Posted by PRADIP (6/06/2018)

never to loose, try again...... what more....

Posted by Thinh (6/06/2018)

The lesson: play online because we’ll always email you or call you to congratulate you on any winnings you walk away with! ---> good one!

Posted by PRADIP (7/06/2018)

really when no's not match with winning numbers, then hand on people's forehead !! oh .....

Posted by Nebiyu (6/06/2019)

Thank you for good information. I will win and help my poor Africa PPls. i started playing since 2018

Posted by Leyla (21/12/2021)

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