Online tickets vs physical tickets? Where should you be playing the lottery?

Whether you play to win big and change your life or you play to enjoy the thrill of the game, we all love the lottery. But what’s the best way to play the lottery and how can you make your money work for you? Let’s take a look at what’s really better, playing online or physical tickets?

Online tickets vs physical tickets? Where should you be playing the lottery?

  1. Play any lottery around the world
  2. Location doesn’t only matter when you’re looking at the cost of real estate, it matters when you play the lottery too. Why? Because your location determines the lottery you can play.

    Physical ticket: Staying in Europe? Then you can play any of the European lotteries. What about your US address? Then the American lotteries are for you. If you’re dreaming about buying physical tickets for international lotteries then you’ll first need to purchase a few plane tickets in order to get them.

    Playing online: Forget the location rule when it comes to online lotteries. The only thing you need when purchasing international lottery tickets is an internet connection and a account.

  3. To stand in the queue or not to stand in the queue?
  4. Did you know that standing for 1-hour burns around 50 calories? Unless you’re trying a new workout routine, who actually wants to stand for 1 hour?

    Physical ticket: lottery ticket vendors can be found all around, but it’s the other factors that play a huge role in actually getting a ticket. Potential customers need to think about the queues, systems being offline and machines running out of paper. Bet you didn’t even consider that last one! No paper = no lottery ticket.

    Playing online: forget everything you just read above because none of them apply to purchasing lottery tickets online. No waiting periods and no queues. Simply log into your account, pick your lottery and lucky numbers and purchase the ticket. All done! Play at your own pace when you play online.

    To stand in the queue or not to stand in the queue?

  5. Forget about losing a lottery ticket
  6. Did you know that there are billions of dollars in unclaimed jackpot winnings? Don’t add your prize to that number!

    Physical ticket: these might add to the excitement of the game, but you need a lottery ticket to claim any winnings. So if you accidentally throw it away with receipts or it goes into the washing machine, you can also say goodbye to any winnings. No ticket = no prize.

    Playing online: like most things on the internet, it lasts forever. The moment you purchase your lucky numbers, we house those entries - keeping it safe and secure from you accidentally losing it or it being stolen!

  7. Enjoy promotions and other special offers
  8. When was the last time you saw a ticket vendor run a special promotion? Chances are you haven’t because they don’t do it often, if at all.

    Physical ticket: chances of getting a free ticket or enjoying a 2 for 1 deal are very slim. Players would need to purchase tickets at the recommended selling price and that’s it. There are no loyalty programs or benefits.

    Playing online: when you play online with players stand a chance to earn LottoPoints which can later be redeemed for free entries! This is just one way we reward you for playing with us. When you play online you can also enjoy other deals like promotions and free birthday entries!

    Enjoy promotions and other special offers

    Now that you’ve seen the pros and cons of playing online vs purchasing physical lottery tickets, we’ll leave it up to you to make the best choice!

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Posted by Zeljko (12/05/2018)

For me it is most important that I do not need to check the numbers and I can not lost a ticket.

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (14/05/2018)

Exactly Zeljko! With you can have peace of mind that your ticket is safe.

Posted by PRADIP (14/05/2018)

i have full trust on your site.

Posted by PRADIP (15/05/2018)

i think both r right.

Posted by PRADIP (16/05/2018)

both can help people to win and change their luck.

Posted by PRADIP (17/05/2018)

option is open.

Posted by Paulo (18/05/2018)

Whilst I also play using this site, I have to be honest I wonder whether it really is safe and above board. I wish the site would have more transparency for instance regarding the lotteries, are there real tickets being purchased and if so where. These lotteries are usually based on the undertaken lottery like US powerball, but then I don't understand if the pool of money used for the winnings is the same or is there a different pool? Please, if the site is really honest then clarify in simple form the information that we as gamblers can feel the bet is above board and should any of us be a lucky winner, we can in fact see the money. Thank you

Posted by PRADIP (18/05/2018)

when power off (no battery backup), then must buy physically.

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (18/05/2018)

Hi there Paulo, Powerball Plus and Mega Millions Max run completely separate from USA Powerball and Mega Millions. If you were to play the same numbers on Powerball Plus and Powerball - you could win TWO jackpots! If you'd like further information feel free to head over to our 'Contact Us' page to speak to one of our available Customer Support Agents.

Posted by PRADIP (18/05/2018)

on line buying also getting discount offer, but physical ticket buying time no such discount offer to buyer.

Posted by PRADIP (19/05/2018)

if i m outside then i buy physically ( i don't have smart phone).

Posted by PRADIP (20/05/2018)

if i play physically, let me choose shop first.

Posted by PRADIP (21/05/2018)

lucky shop should be lucky to me, to buy lottery.

Posted by PRADIP (21/05/2018)

i have to won jackpot or 1 m $ , so both r flexible to me.

Posted by PRADIP (22/05/2018)

GOD will give me message, from where should i buy ticket ?

Posted by PRADIP (22/05/2018)

after making toss daily, then choose from which ........ to buy ?

Posted by Thinh (4/06/2018)

Thanks for the info!

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