Quit your job like a winner

Do it like the pros, make it memorable.

Who can forget 53-year-old Powerball jackpot winner, Mavis Wanczyk, who was the single winner of a $758 million prize! She made headlines for her massive win but she made people really sit up when she announced that the first thing she did after realising she won was to quit her job! Using her as inspiration, we took a look at some of the most epic ways people around the world have quit their jobs. Take your pick of some of the greatest resignations the world has seen!

Quit your job like a winner

Leave some mystery

Comedian Dave Chappelle knows all about creating mystery when he walked off the set of his TV show and never returned. Instead of sticking to his 9am to 5pm, Chappelle flew to South Africa to enjoy a “spiritual treat”, leaving network executives and crew trying to figure out what that means and what to do next.

Make a very public announcement

Resignation letter? Apparently that’s so last year for former banker Greg Smith.

We’re all driven to a breaking point for various reasons, whether it’s about the money, the actual job or the people we have to work with, there’s always that one thing that pushes us to our wits end. When you get to the point of no return, all you start looking for is the EXIT sign. Most people would resign with a letter to HR, but Greg Smith wanted a more public announcement - and wrote to the New York Times instead! Ready to pull a Greg? Play the lottery of your choice and start the next chapter of your life.

Resign in style

Why not show your now ex-boss what you can really do? When Jarrad Farbs decided to quit his job at 2K Games in Australia, he did it the one way he knew best - with a game!

Instead of a letter, Jarred created a game based on the infamous Super Mario Brothers, but with a twist. Jarred added messages throughout the game so that no one would miss the real message behind it all.

Resign in style

Quit but keep your options open at the same time

Not all of us can create a game to broadcast our resignation, so one designer created a popup instead - with options. This designer might be at his wits end but it looks like he was open to suggestion. Presenting his boss with a 'renegotiate' and 'HR' button, it looks like this designer wasn't completely ready to leave. 

Do it with a flourish

The service industry is known for having to deal with difficult customers day after day, and sometimes to the point of making someone quit.

Flight attendant Steven Slater knows all about this when he was pushed to breaking point after having to deal with a particularly frustrating passenger. Steven took full advantage of the aeroplane intercom which he used to rant. But he didn’t stop there, Steven then grabbed some beers and slid down the emergency escape chute.

Do it with a flourish

Take it up a gear

What will you do after you don’t receive your monthly paycheck? A personal driver decided that the best payback was to use the one thing he knew best - his employee's car.

Take it up a gear

Ready to have a massive bank balance and quit your job? Pick your jackpot and play today!

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Posted by PRADIP (12/05/2018)

depends on how much $ i have won in lottery ?

Posted by PRADIP (14/05/2018)

today i ve match only 2 nos. of GERMAN LOTTO, next 2 nos. 1 no.before and after !!

Posted by PRADIP (15/05/2018)

first, let me win the lottery.

Posted by PRADIP (16/05/2018)

GOD must be keep my pray..... and help to winning 1 m $ or jackpot !!

Posted by PRADIP (16/05/2018)

after winning practical will come in my life.

Posted by PRADIP (17/05/2018)

quit from job and will start my business, then i can provide job to others' ( becasue, men r huge and jobs r less).

Posted by PRADIP (18/05/2018)

i m in queue . . . . .

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