Meet one of the world’s youngest lottery winners

What’s the first thing that pops into your head the moment after you’ve bought a lottery ticket? Besides what you need to pick up at the grocery store or what you’re going to have for dinner. It’s most likely the golden lottery question, what will I do with the jackpot prize?

When one of the world’s youngest lottery players won a jackpot prize, many speculated that she would squander it, and she was quickly thrust into the spotlight at a young age. So what did she do to really get the public’s attention? Let’s take a look at the life of young Jane Park.

Jane Park

How a millionaire was made

In 2013, Jane and her mother were living in a two-room public welfare apartment. As an administrator for a charitable organization, Jane’s mom couldn’t afford to pay for Jane’s further education, so at 16 years old, Jane was working part-time at a diner to help her mom make ends meet.

Bored at work and with nothing else interesting her, Jane couldn’t help but notice a nearby sign boasting “scoop one of a few giant prizes”. That was the only motivation Jane needed to purchase her first lottery ticket. Turns out that her first ticket would be her last ticket because it ended up making her millions.

At 17 years old, Jane became the youngest lottery winner in the world. Camelot Group, the organizer of the national English lottery: UK Lotto, is the only lottery organizer which allows underage players to take their shot at winning the lottery.

Jane Park

Life after winning a lottery jackpot

Her first media appearance was a rocky one with people either loving or hating her. But Jane quickly realised that fame was exactly what she wanted and loved. Jane went on to appear in entertainment shows and a BBC documentary, and later bought herself a mansion worth £169.995. Sadly, she sold it four years later for only £20,000 and moved back to her mother.

But Jane had her sights set on joining the elite social class and surrounded herself with everything and anything that gave that impression. From first-class flights to America and the Maldives, Louis Vuitton bags, a pocket dog named Princess and a personal collection of cars including a VW Beetle, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz - Jane was quickly becoming the next Paris Hilton.

Then in 2014, with enough cars, bags and expensive accessories in her home, she started spending money on enhancing her looks. By 2015 Jane had fuller lips and in 2016 she altered her chest and nose. New bank account, new her perhaps?

Sadly for Jane, the mix of a huge social media presence and her ever-growing ego led to a series of misdemeanours which then led to her deciding to change her lifestyle. In 2017, Jane decided to give her wardrobe a makeover by dressing more elegantly and was heard saying that she was tired of messing around. Giving some thought to the future, Jane planned to further her education and start her own business - she had all the cash for it.

Jane Park

Where is Jane Park today?

Doing a quick check-in with her in 2018, Jane’s still leading a wealthy but messy life. Turns out she didn’t stop with changing her nose, Jane had plastic surgery in Turkey and forked out a whopping €50,000 for it. Then there was the scandalous TV-show Jane was later involved in. But things seem to be on the ups for this lottery winner, who said she has fallen in love for the first time in her life. Where did she meet the love of her life you might ask? It was no other than Tinder!

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People are making mistakes when they are young, they have no experience.

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